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How Can I Deal With My Back Taxes After Getting Out of Prison?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I owe over 10,000. in taxes.

I have been in prison 3 times in 10 years.

Can I file for an offer of comprise to get rid of this issue? The 10,000.imposed come from came pills found on me and sent off to be analyzed and money I got from a home settlement that I didn’t pay income taxes on an let go back.

I was a drug addict and now have turned my life around. I am still under a doctor for that. I need this straightened out, I have 4 children now.



Dear Lindsay,

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I turned to my friend Jim Buttonow who is a tax expert for an answer to your unique situation. Here is what Jim said.

“Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for your question and congratulations on turning your life around.

I would need to know more to understand what options are available. Is the $10,000 a “state fine” or a “federal fine”? Likely, it is related to your state. With more information about who imposed the fine and the type of fine, we can understand what options are available for you.


So if you can post the answers to Jim’s questions in the comments section we can get you a more definitive answer.

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