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Looks Like I’m Going to Finish That Motorcycle Trip to Key West

Last month Pam and I had grand plans to ride our motorcycle from Raleigh, NC to Key West, FL and have a grand adventure along the way. Well, that was the plan.

Pam and I before we got really sick on the trip.

Our trusty bike in the rain at South of the Border.

We set off and by the time we reached Orlando, FL we were both sick with some sort of bronchitis going around. As much as we had wanted to do this ride it became clear that we needed to turn around and head back for home, bummed. It just isn’t a lot of fun, in a car or on a motorcycle, to be out on the open road with a runny nose, sore throat, and coughing all the time.

After we got home we thought about how we could finish our trip. We were so looking forward to riding down to Key West. So the good news is that our hotel down in Key West let us reschedule our stay rather than lose the money we paid for it since we had to cancel at the last minute. Pam found some awesome flight deals to Florida and I found a place to rent a motorcycle. So the good news is that it looks like we’ll be able to go back and finish our journey after all. Awesome!

At this point January will be the travel month and I’ll be sure to send you pictures from the journey, just like I did last time via my TwitPic account.

The goal, now that I’m feeling better and hope to be well on the trip, is to record some new debt interviews for you on the way.


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