Frightening Calls From Fake Debt Collectors Threaten People With Jail for Payday Loans. It’s a Scam.

Phantom phony debt collectors with Indian accents are calling people trying to scare them into paying debts that are not theirs. Some of the company names they use are American Credit Services, TAC Evolution, Allied Financial Services, CashNetUSA, Sonic Bank, Sonic CashNet, CashLand, and Cash America. If you know of others, please add them in the comments section below.

The fake debt collectors call and say you will be arrested and thrown in jail unless you send money immediately. The amounts claimed seem to be $400 or $1,095 and a smattering in between. The calls most often arrive on a Friday when all government office are closed so you can’t check out their story. The callers use the names of real attorneys they found on the internet.

The goal of the scam is to scare the person getting the call into sending money via Western Union or MoneyGram or to give up their bank details to hit your bank account, in order to prevent the police from coming to arrest you in the next few hours.

If you want to listen to what these calls sound like, click here.

Apparently there are a number of telephone numbers tied to this scammer that I believe is calling from a call center in India via voice over IP, (VOIP). So the callers really are not even in the United States although they pretend to be.

Armed with the contact information the scammers in India call make outbound calls on a VOIP telephone line and forge any outgoing phone ID they want. It’s not hard to do. (By the way, if you want to unmask any blocked number and find out who is calling, try Trapcall.) They might even use a number from a block of VOIP numbers they’ve rented to receive return calls. After a short period of time they dump the number and start using a new number.

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I found at least one of the numbers listed as being used by these scammers was issued by LES.net, a VOIP service provider.

The known numbers tied into this scam are:

  • 213-221-1002
  • 213-286-0210
  • 213-286-2016
  • 213-550-4189
  • 213-995-3046
  • 310-362-4305
  • 310-362-4319
  • 310-362-9386
  • 313-332-1091
  • 343-729-0397
  • 407-506-0424
  • 408-317-0831
  • 408-355-9951
  • 415-223-4108
  • 415-880-5599
  • 496-900-0000
  • 619-342-0094
  • 714-333-2945
  • 714-333-2951
  • 714-400-0563
  • 714-409-0208
  • 714-409-0250
  • 714-845-0766 (FAX)
  • 718-831-7157
  • 818-936-4699
  • 904-425-9141
  • 941-961-8518
  • 949-743-1049
  • 973-200-6686

Most of the people who have been called in this scam seem to have previously had a payday loan from some company. What I suspect has happened is that one of these payday loan companies used an outsourced call center in India and someone from that call center sold the names of the customers or contacts.

The BBC did an undercover report a couple of years ago and showed how easy it is to buy this type of information from call centers in India.

The names of the Payday loan providers seem to be just a smoke screen. The scammers use both the name of a real payday loan outfit and sometimes a real attorney to make the receiver of the call think it is legit if they check it our on the web. It’s all a lie.

So I had fun calling them. They certainly sound like they are trying hard to scare you with an Indian accent. Bureau of Criminal Identification. LOL I asked for Jeff Parker and they said they’d route my call to Jeff Popkins it sounded like.

And if your name is Dave Roberts, I apologize, it was the best fake name I could makeup on the spot. And if you listen carefully you’ll here the stupid fake collector say he found my file for Dave Parker. Dude, Parker is the name of the fake collector that called.

The call ends abruptly, they hung up on me. LOL. What idiots.

From A Debt Collector Keeps Calling Me From 212-500-0839 And Says I’ll Be Arrested. – Lavern

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