Is Legal Protection Group a Scam or Not?


Dear Steve,

LPG said I will receive a call every month for a status update on the processing of what there doing. I have never received it.

They claim they sent letters to all my creditors that are on my credit report.

I don’t know that either because I haven’t not one email about what there doing. Requested to produce those same documents (letters they sent my creditors) because I never have seen anything they do?

Creditors claim they never have gotten a letter or a phone call, even after I had given the contact information.

Every phone call has been me contacting them and it’s been basically the same complaint of them not following up with me every month.

My question the Litigation Practice Group is it scam or not? How I can ask them to send me a notice are they going to represent me or not?

I am from Illinois so I don’t want to be lay. My second question are they going to send me documents they are going to took with my creditors.



Dear Svetlana,

I hate the word scam because it is a word with a different meaning for every person.

It sounds like you’ve had an experience with the Litigation Practice Group that does not meet your expectations and is not acceptable to you on a customer service level.

As a paying client, it seems you should have easy access to a representative that will return calls and emails, provide information, and give you updates. That’s just good customer service.

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I’d start your search for answers by identifying the attorney that is legally representing you in Illinois and contacting them directly.

An attorney can’t legally represent you unless they are admitted to practice law in your state and are in good standing. According to the LPG site they have two attorneys they say practice law in Illinois: Magda Janicki and Michael Robinson. Maybe one of them is assigned to your case.

Since you are in Illinois the appropriate place to file a complaint about an attorney is with the Supreme Court of Illinois.

But I think you are a ways off from doing that. I would suggest you start first by following this guide.

Let’s get to the bottom of this first before going nuclear on them. They deserve a chance to fix things before you explode. Please post an update in the comments section below with what you find out and if they turned this situation around.

In a perfect world, they will apologize for their perceived poor customer service, keep you in the loop, respond in a timely manner to requests for information, and achieve the results they sold you as listed in your client agreement.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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