Venable Attorneys Win a Divorce From Albert Kim and Kaine Wen

Last week we had the messy divorce between Albert Kim and Kaine Wen and their attorneys at Venable in the action against Premier Student Loan Center.

Venable was caught in a tough spot with the “it’s not us, it’s you” dilemma, and anyway it was said Wen and Kim were not going to be able to afford Venable to litigate their case.

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Venable wanted a divorce from representing Wen and Kim and the lads didn’t want the court to let the Venable attorneys out of representing them.

Talk about a bad situation.

Today, the Court announced they granted the divorce. “Venable shall be permitted to withdraw from its representation of True Count Staffing, Inc. (“True Count”), Albert Kim, Kaine Wen, and Relief Defendant Infinite Management Corp. (“Infinite”) (collectively the “Venable Defendants”).”

The Judge also said, “With respect to prejudice, while Albert Kim and Kaine Wen both indicated their desire for Venable to continue its representation, that is no longer possible, and both parties would likely be more prejudiced by Venable’s continued representation. And both Kim and Wen now agree Venable’s withdrawal is best for everyone involved. Additionally, while Matthew Eanet declares that Relief Defendants Hold The Door, Corp. and Mice and Men LLC will be prejudiced by Venable’s withdrawal because of a delay in settlement negotiations, that does not justify denying the Motion.”

Thank goodness. That was on the verge of making for some very uncomfortable meetings with their lawyers.

Kim and Wen are now on the hunt for new attorneys, “As the Court stated at the hearing, with respect to Albert Kim and Kaine Wen, when an attorney of record ceases to represent individuals, as here, the individuals must appear pro se or appoint another attorney by a signed substitution of attorney form.”

If you are interested in defending these guys, there is an opening.

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