I Want to Merge My Debts Into One Big Ball in the UAE. – DW

“Dear Steve,

I live in UAE and got myself into serious financial turmoil. I have loans and credit cards and not enough to pay for them. I need some serious advice and help. I am basically looking to merge my debts into one big ball and have someone buy it out for me. I can repay back the amount over 6-7 years on a monthly basis.

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Do you know of someone (individual) or firm than can assist with my financial situation?


Dear DW,

I know of no reputable lender in the UAE that would do such a thing. But I have heard several stories from people searching for a debt consolidation loan from the UAE on the internet only to run into scammers promising them loans but first they have to pay a fee. This is an age old scam where desperate people fall prey for the up-front fee scam.

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