If You Get a Debt Relief Mailer From Negotiations Department – Trash It

A reader sent me in a mailer they received from the Negotiations Department of some company.

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The mailer has two possibilities:

  1. It is either a generic lead generating mailer or
  2. An inept debt relief company sent it out. And if option two is the right choice, yikes.

The mailer isn’t much different than others that have been sent out over the years. Mailers like these redesigned to draw unsuspecting consumers into calling and getting a debt settlement sales pitch. The mailer makes statements that are nothing more than unverifiable claims.

Here are all the things I could locate in the mailer that could be true.

  1. Telephone number.
  2. Names of creditors.
  3. Hopefully they know their operating hours.

I can’t even tell you if the disclaimer on the bottom is factual since the company soliciting people to call does not identify themselves.

What a load of crap.

[Insert sound of wadding it up and throwing it away.]

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