Very Busy on the Site Today But Not Answering Questions

One of the things about being just one guy running this site is that when something needs to be done there isn’t anyone else to hand it to. Today I spent most of the day with an upgrade for the site. Why is it that sometimes an upgrade feels like it does not make your life better. It often feels like a downgrade. Arghhhh!

I’ve always had this personal rule that I never drink when I’m stressed. I just never wanted to let alcohol be the way I approached problems. But let me tell you, after today I’m rethinking that strategy.

While I was deep in the guts on the site I added a forum to the site for people to ask and others to answer questions. You can find the new forum online here.

I’ve also asked my friend Mike who has helped me out with answering some questions if he would be so gracious as to be a moderator of the forum. He agreed. It seems that in the credit and debt world, being a moderator really means keeping an eye out for all the scammers and spammers that want to post stuff. Honestly, that is nearly a full time job. Just on the main site alone I’ve had nearly 30,000 spam comments that had to be dealt with.

It can be frustrating dealing with this behind the scenes admin stuff because it puts me behind in answering questions but I guess it is what it is. It has to be done.

I hope you like the new forum section of the site and you notice things are running faster as well. If you do, at least it was a day well spent.

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