Sometimes in Debt You Just Need a Moment of Peace and Calm

Just yesterday, I updated a previous post of mine, Every Person in Debt Deserves to Be Treated With Dignity. It reminded me again of what it felt like when I was drowning in bad debt.

Those memories of panic, anxiety, depression, sadness, insomnia, and fear can still be recalled these 30 years on.

I’m not sure there were any magic words anyone could have uttered to me at the time that would have helped me to find any moments of calm and distraction. Or prevented those waves of emotion and panic. But that was primarily because I didn’t have anyone to lean on that had lived through the same pain I was going through. I was suffering in silence and seclusion behind a wall of humiliation and fear.

It took me years to mentally recover alone but after coming out the other side of that pit, I’ve strived to help others in trouble with good advice that helps tell the truth and provide a shoulder to lean on that I was desperate for.

My life has changed dramatically since those days. I’ve been blessed and had the privilege to help others, which I think is the greatest honor a person can have.

These days, my life is full, but those memories of debt pain are never far away. Ironically, if my financial problems in life were my greatest failure, they became my greatest strength.

Living through the struggles was a hard education, but they led to me being able to put an arm around others in the same spot and let them know there is a way forward. I did it. You can as well.

I Made This For You By Remembering What I Needed

I was thinking about what I could do, other than words, to help someone living through a debt panic right now. So I created this 1.5-hour video to help take your mind away and let it drift in the beauty of what I see as a pilot.

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Just make it fill your monitor or watch it on a big screen. Better yet, let the video allow you to drift to sleep.

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Sometimes we need to stare mindlessly at something beautiful instead of another 3 AM infomercial when you are having another sleepless night.

What I also learned from my darkest days was that there would be a better future when I took charge of dealing with my debt. I also later understood the only person that was making me feel shame was me. I was the only person judging my struggles. Maybe that’s a thought to share for another video.

The day I started to reduce the panic of my situation was when I could be grateful again or do something small like hold a door for someone with full arms, it helped me slowly feel warm again.

I wrote about the free things you can do to begin your journey to find inner peace from debt panic. See Chapter 6 – The 10 Attributes of Internal Prosperity.

My video above, and hopefully more that I will publish are designed to help you let your mind calm and give you moments to consider letting kindness, gratitude, mindfulness, introspectiveness, and maybe even a little spirituality into your life to guide you out of the dark.

Look forward. Trust me, better days are in front of you. I’m always here to help pick you up if you are down.

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