I’m Worried About an Elderly Client With Debt


Dear Steve,

I have an elderly client who struggles w mental health who is using Coast Processing Debt relief company and I am really concerned that they are a scam.

They already asked her to get a different bank (she uses Wells Fargo) and she is paying them monthly thinking they will pay down her cc bills. I’m going to direct her to your site, but I don’t think it’s a good idea that she uses them. What do you think?



Dear Charlene,

Thank you for reaching out to me for help.

Based on what you said it’s not clear that Coast Processing is a scam. It sounds as if the client enrolled in a debt settlement program and they may have enrolled her in a third-party escrow account to save her money up or she had a credit card at the same bank and they were advising her to find a new bank so the settlement went a bit easier.

I don’t think the issue is created by the solution provider right now. The bigger issue is if a debt settlement approach is even the right approach given her situation.

If she is elderly she has options to preserve her capital and deal with her debt. Everything from learning how to work with collectors if she is judgment proof to considering other solutions that might be better for her given her unique situation.

Before you do anything, the smarter move would be for you and the client to have a conference call with my debt coach friend Damon Day and talk through options based on her current status and goals.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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