I Enrolled Into Westwood College Online for a Career in Criminal Justice. – Matthew

“Dear Steve,

In 2007 I enrolled into Westwood College Online for a career in Criminal Justice. I got approved for like $6000 through the school $150/ month while attending the school, plus a Sallie Mae loan for like $7000 which I believe its a loan I must pay back after I graduate.

Due to the economy I decided to stop my education in the school before I had to reenroll (more loans). I was scared of my job being on the verge of lay offs so I stopped. And Ive been paying the loan from the school ever since. I applied and was granted a forbearance for the other loans. I was laid off in March 2008 and have been on unemployment ever since. Recently, with unemployment benefits I have enrolled into a Vocational school for HVAC, which I believe is a better way of a career in this economy.

Is there a way that I can relieve my funds to the other school because that is just killing me if not I understand I just didn’t think it could be that expensive and why would I stack the money up when I might not be able to pay it back within the time they gave me to repay it due to this economy.


Dear Matthew,

Unfortunately there is little that can be done since these were not government backed student loans. If they were, then you’d have some options.

The problem is that what you and every other student does is to purchase a product, bits of education, and pay for it with a loan. The product that you bought can’t be sold to someone else and it has no value except to you.

The argument by the school and loan company is that you did not withdraw from the school according to the rules established and thus received the benefit of the loan they disbursed. A student loan is not a guarantee to obtain a degree, just pay for the services to be available and there for you to partake in that semester.

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  1. I too am going through the major set back of online schooling.  I owe over 60K and no job to show for it! The online schools need to start being held accountable! 


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