Is This Consumer Debt Hardship Initiative a Scam? – Peter

“Dear Steve,

I recently got a letter that makes me wonder if this is something I should do.

1050 Connecticut Ave.
Washington, DC 20036
United states Of America

RE: HR 5140
Consumer Debt Hardship Initiative

They said I was eligible for hardship programs created in conjuntion with the Consumer Debt Hardship Initiative of 2009 and listed one of my debt.

The phone number is 1-877-811-1409.


Dear Peter,

I called the phone number and it was answered by Credit Relief Today, possibly the debt settlement firm of the same name. They could not tell me what they do or what I would “qualify” for without a case number that appears on the letter. All very fishy. There is no reason why a legitimate company can’t tell you what they do when asked nicely.

But I really think they are a collection company that is sending out notices in an attempt to collect a debt. The case number must actually relate to a debt they are trying to collect. This is why they can’t tell me what they do or what I qualify for based on a debt situation.

Let me assure you, there is NO government program that allows you to reduce your debt. The program the letter references has nothing to do with relieving consumer debt. The program is H.R. 5140 and is known as the Recovery Rebates and Economic Stimulus for the American People Act of 2008.

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The package includes two major components: rapid tax rebates for American households and tax incentives for businesses to invest, as well as provisions increasing the size of home mortgage loans that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) can insure and that the quasi-governmental enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can purchase. – Source

This program appears to be nothing more than a sales attempt to sell you a debt settlement program or collect a debt under false pretenses.

Once person on the net posted the following information:

…so I called them and was able to get a email address from someone and this allowed me to hack into their not very secure email server. they are a fraud debt collection and skip trace company. They have so many spread sheets they update all the time with so many people personal and SSN its evidence what they are doing. let alone the emails going back and forth between their staff and other office around the country. Which are not very big and most seem to be “boiler room” type collections. They record all calls and are trying to find you and put you into a payment system. In reading a lot of their emails they literally make fun of the “dumbshits” who are paying them and think this is a legitimate Economic Stimulus Act provision. and if they have your SSN they can and will pull your credit for any and all reasons. – Source

I would be most appreciative if you could scan and upload a copy of the letter to me so I could see it. You can upload it here.

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If anyone gets a letter from these folks, DO NOT CALL THEM.

Please update me on your progress by

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