Colorado AG Files Suit for Identity Theft and Loan Fraud By Friendly Hockey Playing Couple.

The Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced that attorneys from his office’s Consumer Protection Section have filed a lawsuit against two former Coloradans, Donald Sterling Whitlock (DOB: 5/6/1970) and Erin Reese Whitlock (DOB: 7/11/1969), who are suspected of defrauding consumers through the use of fake commercial lending companies and committing multiple identity thefts involving numerous victims.

“The suit alleges that the Whitlocks perpetrated an elaborate, nationwide scheme designed to not only steal money from the victims, but also to steal their identities and personal information,” Suthers said. “The civil lawsuit we filed is just an initial step to shut down the fraudulent companies the Whitlock used to further their scheme. This step also will enjoin the defendants from continuing their illegal enterprise. We will continue to pursue other courses of action and work with our partners in law enforcement across the country to address this matter.”

According to the complaint, filed in Denver County District Court, the couple used at least 15 business entities, including AIG Real Estate, Allstate Real Estate and GE Capital Real Estate, to defraud consumers. None of the businesses were affiliated with the real companies. The couple is suspected of using their fraudulent companies starting in April 24, 2007 to deceive consumers and convince them to provide substantial upfront fees to secure loan commitments for real estate developments. The couple is suspected of then transferring their victims’ “commitment fees,” which ranged from $15,000 to $35,000, into their own bank accounts. No loans were ever made.

The Whitlocks also are suspected of using the personal information of victims, including their Social Security numbers and information from their passports and driver’s licenses, to continue their fraudulent operation. According to the complaint, the Whitlocks used the victims’ personal information to form companies through the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, open bank accounts and obtain credit.

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The lawsuit, filed in Denver County District Court, seeks the dissolution of the Whitlocks’ fraudulently created Colorado companies, civil penalties, restitution for their victims and injunctions barring future fraudulent activities.

The Whitlocks are residing in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Fla., and previously resided in Aspen, Basalt and Southport, N.C.

Don Whitlock is a former coach for the Mother Puckers B hockey team and his wife, Erin, is a former player for the team.

The lawsuit lists specific examples of the fraud the Whitlocks are accused of committing. In one case a victim in Denver wired $20,000 on May 30, 2008, to a fraudulent company allegedly set up by the Whitlocks, believing he received a loan commitment from an actual financial institution. Then on May 30, 2008, and June, 2, 2008, “the Whitlocks entered a Bank of America branch in Southport, North Carolina, and wrote checks to cash totaling $1,900 and purchased an $18,000 cashier’s check for Erin Whitlock, which she deposited into her individual account with Branch Banking and Trust in Southport, North Carolina,” the complaint alleges.

The Whitlocks, who previously lived in Aspen and Basalt, now have addresses in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Fla., and Southport, N.C. Don Whitlock is accused of using several aliases including, but not limited to, “Dan Worthington,” “Donald Morrison,” “Donald Sachs,” “Brian Byler,” “Chris Conlin,” “Robin Parsley,” “Adam Long,” “Stephen Thomas,” “Jim Lull,” “Norman Walko,” “Bill Gibbs,” “Steve Nicholl,” “Wilfred Durden,” “Mike Stewart,” “Steve Miller,” and “David Cohen.” – Source


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