6 thoughts on “War of Many Words Between GM Law Firm and Others and Attorney Macy Hanson”

  1. “I’m Brian Winkler, the Winkler in this article. I just want to say that I’m very happy with the services of my attorney, Macy Hanson, and I encourage anyone else with questions about this to reach out to Macy directly.”

    • Hi Brian,

      Glad you got it resolved. I was able to resolve my issue the GM, NLSS and Kevin Mason a couple of years ago for a full refund. It wasn’t without a nasty voicemail left by Greg Fishman that I still have to this day. Both the recording and a transcription. I really hope these guys get busted. They’re hurting students day after day with fake promises.

      • Sorry for the delay in replying. I am happy you got a full refund, as I am still waiting for writs of garnishment to be filed in Palm Beach County, FL against Julie Queler. She has refused to pay since the AZ court ruled that she must pay. Furthermore, Greg has basically kept funds from being ‘funneled’ to Julie afa company profits, so the three plaintiffs, including myself, are not paid….per Mr. Hanson, my attorney. Greg and Julie have also filed a suit against Mr. Hanson, which seems like an attempt to keep others from doing what previous plaintiffs have done, or someone like yourself, getting refunded.

        I imagine your voicemail from Greg was a tirade, since I’ve heard other stories of his vulgarity. Again. glad to hear of your outcome and hope to replicate it for myself sometime soon.

          • Due to the complexity of all the legal happenings, I cannot speculate, but ultimately, Julie Queler has a judge’s order against her that she has not complied with. I just hope that justice is served, for me and all the plaintiffs effected by Greg, Julie, and their associates.

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