Am I Being Scammed by Coast Processing with Litigation Practice Group?


Dear Steve,

I have been making payments to Coast Processing with Litigation Practice Group in San Clemente, CA 74090. Is this a legit company?

I am experiencing some questionable situations with their inability to answer many questions. Customer service sucks. I email questions, they respond by telling me They call me, but unfortunately, I MISSED THEIR CALL, which is not true.

Please help me understand what is going on! I pay them $380.00 per month and don’t see anything that shows my debts will be negotiated and /or paid. They talked about validation but didn’t keep me updated as far as the progress of ANYTHING.

Am I being scammed? My husband and I are both on social security and have been affected by Covid 19. I’m unable to speak or call to talk to the original “salesperson.”



Dear Jacquelyn,

I’m so sorry you have to deal with this situation. Feeling as if you are on the receiving end of bad customer service is infuriating.

Your situation, as described, makes me believe there are two issues here.

The first is the level of customer service you have experienced. I think anyone would get frustrated by coming away with the impression that any company you hire is not giving you the impression they are putting you first.

The second issue is if there are not better strategies to dealing with your debt since you are both on Social Security.

If you are like most people on Social Security, money is tight, and there is never enough to go around. Suppose you have limited assets your income may be protected from creditors if they were to sue you. You might be what is called judgment proof.

If the debts are not affordable, one option might be to stop paying the debts. But I would suggest you talk to the nonprofit law firm HELPS to discuss your specific situation.

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The approach of ignoring the debts would save you $380 a month, but you would still have to deal with potential collection calls and efforts.

Another alternative would be to consider filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For less than $2,000 in total fees, your debt could be legally eliminated in about 90 days and tax-free.

I would suggest you find a good local bankruptcy attorney and have a free discussion about what bankruptcy would mean for you. Bankruptcy is the fastest way to get a fresh start for the least amount of money.

As far as the groups being legit or a scam, I always struggle with those labels. At the end of the day, what matters most is if you have been given the right advice for your situation. And that we won’t know without you getting a second or third opinion.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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29 thoughts on “Am I Being Scammed by Coast Processing with Litigation Practice Group?”

  1. I also think this company is a scam. $382.00 they take out of my bank 2 x’s a month. I cannot get ahold of anyone, they say they will call back, they never do. Also the Wells Fargo which is about my only debt’ sent me a summons to go to court, I called & called & called< they said they would have one of their lawyers get back to me! they never did. Only times they call is when they try to take money out for payment they can't cuz I closed my account and they cannot get any more from me. We should go as a group and sue, sue & SUE their asses off. I'm almost 80 yrs old and wanted to retire debt free!!! and they promised 21/2 yrs ago they would put me on easy-street!!!!!!I have never been so mad before, and am sure I'll go to my grave very hungry & poor!

  2. I have been with Coastal Debt Service will be a year this December 2021.each month I am paying right at $260 a month. I do not hear anything from my (3) debtors at all but also hear nothing from Coastal either.. except when they notify me of taking this money out of my account. I want to know where I stand now and when my credit #s will start to go up again ?

    • June, these are great questions to ask Coastal. I would urge you to reach out to them and talk about these issues to have all your questions answered. I think you are asking when your credit score will go up again. That will depend on what active and good-standing credit accounts you have open. Simply closing the old accounts by settling will not do much, if anything to rocket your credit score back up on its own.

    • Hi June I was giving lpg 385..00 a month. My credit score did not go up and one Of the creditors said my debt was valid. So this company are full of #/#t.

  3. Hello,

    To other victims of this scam, I want to tell you what I’m doing.
    I contact my state’s Attorney General Office for consumer fraud and filed a report. It’s easy- most states you can just do it online. I got a response within a few days. They are reviewing the case and will be taking them to court if they’re found to be in violation.

    I also contacted the attorney general in the state of California because that’s where they claim to operate out of.

    I submitted a claim on the BBB website, because it’s a way for people to see online that they’re scammers. HOWEVER- do not accept their “resolution” until they actually refund you.

    Right away someone from Coast/LPG (whoever they are) said on BBB that I’d be getting a refund. BBB close the case and marked it as resolved. Dispute the resolution unless they actually refund you.

    They were claiming to be sending me a check that was returned to sender. It’s total BS, they’re just stalling.

    So far I haven’t gotten a refund but at least I’m making some progress.

    DON’T STOP FIGHTING until they refund you.

    I also have a REAL lawyer lined up to help me if I’m not refunded soon.

    Hope this helps. Sorry to see so many people getting scammed by these vultures.

  4. I had to figure out a way to pay my credit cards, rent, lights since I lost my job last year due to covide. I called Coast Litigation and have worked with them since last September 2020 and they have done “0” to help me.
    A friend of mine did some investigation for me and said that Coast is not ok to work with.
    I should not be paying a fee of over $200 a month for their service they are not doing. I was told that I would get this money back if I canceled the contract….now they tell me know so I have lost over $2,000.
    I have called both banks and they say Coastal has NOT contacted them.
    I’m 70 yrs. old and trying to make ends meet-my husband is very sick and taxie-hospital bills are over $200,00 for his care. Why do company’s play games like this with their customers?
    I also have a blood issue called MDS with my blood and the insurance I need to pay for this is over $2,000 a year.
    Why do companies like Coastal play games I dont have that much time left.
    Coastal Lit. failed their job and I have questions about them being legitimate

  5. I have been paying Coast $253 per month since March 2020. I have only had limited contact with them but I thought things were going well since I no longer receive statements or calls from my creditors. I have emailed Coast a few documents including a summons I received and got confirmation back from them. Until now. I emailed a letter to them over a week ago, but after sending it four times and getting an “appointment” for a call back, nothing. Am I in trouble now?

  6. yes!we hear you! very frustrating! lier’s! they always set up appointment to call you back! NEVER DO! EVER! tried for The last 30 days! have no idea how frustrating it is! also on social security! for Last 15 years! now getting letters for the court to Sue us! OMG!payed $310 amonth for the last year!to NO avail!

  7. I used Coast Processing myself. I paid over $4500 in monthly payments for 18 months. My payments are over. It’s been 2 years since I started this. They said that I would have a credit score of 720 by the end of the 18 months. My credit score has done nothing but bottom out. It was 660 when I started. It’s not even 600 now. Any advise would be helpful. 2 of my accounts were sent to collections and their still there. What can I do to better my situation.

    • The irony is that if you had filed bankruptcy it would have cost about $2,000 and your debt would have been discharged in about 100 days. Your credit would already be well on the mend.

      At this point, you still have the debt and it appears it is still not resolved. So what is it you want to do? Do you want to try to work out your dispute with the debt relief company or eliminate your debt?

      • If you are scared it means you have unanswered questions or concerns. I would first direct you to carefully read your client agreement and make sure the services you purchased were what you think you were sold. Second, you should contact the company and ask all the questions you have and make sure you get satisfactory answers. Finally, if you want to discuss your general situation and get an opinion you are approaching your situation in a logical way, contact my friend https://damonday.com and have a conversation.

  8. Coast Debt Processing does explain what will happen and it’s not cheap or easy.
    It’s a lengthy process and you can expect them to give you that answer.
    They got everything charged off and my credit score keeps going up.
    They were really kind when the Us treasury lost my social security check and stimulus checks.
    They didn’t even ask for a payment for months!
    Krista Carvajal

      • Steve – I’ve talked to someone who hired this company and the company charged them monthly for years, while sending FDCPA letters such as FDCPA Cease and Desist and FDCPA Validation to the original lenders – who are not required to comply with them since they are not third party debt collectors. This person’s credit is shot and they have seen no results, after making thousands in payments. Sounds similar to your poster.


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