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Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network Sent Me to Collections. – Stan


“Dear Steve,

I am a real estate broker of 35 years and have gone without an income for 13 months.

Last April, I went to a pay off your debt seminar by Real Talk Network/Dave Burke.

I charged $1997 to my Nordstrom Visa. Burke did not disclose thet his secret system is dependent on a decent FICO score and so he could not help me. No refund was offered and I forgot about it. About 3 weeks ago, I get a letter from their collection firm, Conrad Credit Corporation, saying I never paid Real Talk Network the $1997. I finally found proof that the $1997 was paid to Real Talk.

But I want to play this game out and let them sue me and take it all the way to the judge. Then I want to ask the judge for damages or countersue for harassment.

Do I have an obligation to show Conrad my proof? Isn’t it their burden to prove the debt? Going to court will cost them time and money. I have the time and I want money.

These collection agencies are assuming these debts are valid. They get no proof of claim from the companies they represent. Just a list of debtors. I think they have an obligation to verify the debt.

What do you think of my strategy? Could I pull them into my lair and score a knockout punch? I’m hoping that I will eventually cost Burke my $1997 or more in collection costs. Thanks.


Dear Stan,

I get the sense you feel you got ripped off by Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network and you want to fight back. I’ve written about Dave before and his course concerns me. Maybe a better and more effective way to fight back is to post a long explanation in the comments section below about what the sales pitch was and how you got drawn (suckered) in.

Personally, I think your strategy is a total waste of time. You’ve got the proof the debt was paid and providing it to the collection agency will end that part of the mess right there.

How nice for Dave Burke who has not provided you with services and is promising to help you get out of debt turns around and sends you to collections.

Let’s say you force the hand and let them sue you so you show up in court. The judge is not going to do anything about your other issues. The case will be about an alleged past due debt and everyone will wonder why you just didn’t show the proof you paid it. You won’t get sympathy for letting yourself get harassed.

The proper venue for getting your grievance out would be for you to sue Dave Burke and the Real Talk Network in your local small claims court for a refund of the money you paid. In that case the judge will want to hear about your experience and can make a ruling about the heart of the matter. Use your anger, time, and energy to pursue that and get your wasted $1,997 back.

What do you say?

Big Hug!
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