Debit Card & Credit Card Details Stolen at McDonald’s

A pair of card detail thieves have been caught in McDonald’s in Australia. Apparently the pair was getting card details from several Perth, Australia McDonald’s and managed to steal $4 million from Western Australia banks.

Thousands of Western Australians have had their card details stolen at several McDonald’s restaurants across Perth since October.

Police allege the 31-year-old Canadian man and the 36-year-old British man used the information to retrieve money from the accounts.

Detective Senior Sergeant Don Heise from the WA Major Fraud Squad alleges the men are part of an international organised crime syndicate and he expects there will be more arrests. Source

This is yet again another reason I’m not a big fan of debit cards. Crooks steal your debit card information they get direct access into your checking account. Sounds like a bunch of angry Australians learned that lesson the hard way.


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