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I Can’t Sleep and Have No Food But Collectors Want More. – Anikka

“Dear Steve,

I signed contract with ad agency for reduced rate advertising that cost $2400. I had to cancel and they sent final invoice for $2400. I couldn’t pay and the collection agency is asking for $3600. . I have now paid $2400 and just realized the difference.

I made payment arrangements and can’t make the final $1200 payment so I called in to change the arrangements. The collection agency won’t make any arrangements and said they are going to mark my account as “unwilling to pay” and sue me +attorney fees. My contract said I wouldn’t have to pay any attorney or collection fees.

I said I would dispute the remaining balance because my final invoice only said I owed $2400. They said I couldn’t because I already made a payment, thereby agreeing to the amount owed. I agreed that I owed the newspaper, but never to the amount.

They have refused to work with me at all and I am scared. I have zero dollars, no food, my utilities are about to be shut off in 0 degree weather, and don’t want to be sued. I told them I would pay the balance in full in February but they said I haven’t shown “good faith”. So this is basically what happened:

1. They Demand I call family and friends
2. They Demand I go to a bank and get a loan(no luck)
3. They Threaten to sue if I don’t pay them on Friday
4. Offered to pay in full February and they rebuffed
5. I have Made good faith payments totaling $2400, shouldn’t that be sufficient to make new payment arrangements?

I can’t sleep, I have no food, sitting here crying and have been punched in the stomach so many times I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m just looking for someone to listen and offer advice.

Anyway, can I contact the original creditor to make payment arrangements since the collection agency won’t? They didn’t sell the debt, they are working on commission to assist the original creditor.


Dear Anikka,

Your request seems reasonable enough but in this game, reason isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Don’t let the collector scare you here. Remember, collecting debt is a process. They are either trying to scare you into making a payment you can’t afford or they may be telling you the truth, and you might actually get sued. If you do get sued you will not spontaneously combust.

I’d love to contact the newspaper on your behalf and write an article about this. It’s one thing to have not repaid the balance, but you have. Send me all the information on the paper and the original debt to me at [email protected]

The situation sucks but like I said, it is just a process. Go get some food, go to bed and rest and together we will face this and see where we can get accomplished.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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