I Filed Bankruptcy. It Wasn’t as Bad as I Thought It Would Be. – Lynn

“Hi Steve,

After searcing out every option and reading everything in your articles I finally filed for bankruptcy. I signed the papers yesterday.

I had a few appointments before I found a Lawyer I was comfortable with. I wrote you about one attorney who was so nasty I cried afterward. I took your advice and tried again. So here I am , rather sad and scared, but in reality knowing it was the only way short of a miracle.

My question now is…I am a little uneasy as to how simple the process up to now has been. Other than my guilt feelings and a little searcing for paperwork it was not hard. Is something wrong with this picture or is it going to be a lot harder as the case progresses.

The attorney is of a good firm and a little more expensive than the others. He also says its a straight forward chapter 7, I won’t lose my house because I am current and its value dropped so much the trustee would not be interested.

I worry that what seemed simple could end up a nightmare. I hear people say bankruptcy was the worst thing they have had to go through.

No matter how it turns out, I think there are worse things in life, I have lived them, but I am scared of what is next.

The stress has been so much lately with the creditors I am glad this part is over, but fearful to what is next. Can you shed any light on how bad the rest of the process is, the attorney does not say much he is very business type.

Thank You


Dear Lynn,

I wish I was there to give you a really big hug. It will be easier from this point out. Have I steered you wrong yet?

Bankruptcy is a process. Everyone involved in the process knows how this works, but the person filing bankruptcy. For that person, it’s scary. When I went through bankruptcy I was scared, stressed and nervous also. Maybe you watched my video about my experience.

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Here is what I did not realize until years latter. Because bankruptcy is a process, the minute you file bankruptcy you can no longer be manipulated by the creditors or debt collectors. They know that when they get the papers or you give them your case number they can’t bother you anymore. They also know to move your file/account from bin A to bin B.

Trust me on this, not one person is judging you here but you. The rest of the folks in the debt collection chain are far too busy manipulating others to pay.

So we hear all these bad things about bankruptcy, the stigma, the shame. The irony is those messages are actually best serving the creditor and collectors to keep people from considering bankruptcy.

If there was some other legal way to eliminate your debt that gave you as much protection I’d be singing about it. There just isn’t. Back in the mid 1990s when credit counseling could cut your payments in half and all interest rates to 0% I was singing about that over bankruptcy. But creditors eliminated credit counseling as a reasonable solution and left people in problem debt with only one solution, bankruptcy.

I’m so glad you found a different attorney. And in case someone is reading this right now and wants to find an attorney, you can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney you can talk to.

Lynn, the only thing you have to fear now is the unknown. You will walk into the court house when your appointment is scheduled and be part of a throng of others. Your attorney isn’t going to be stressed, he’s done this a lot. He’s just throwing paper at that point. The bankruptcy trustee won’t be stressed, he’s just catching all that paperwork. There is not one person in the remainder of this process that wants to judge you or has the time.

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Come back and give us all an update about how the process was and I’ll tell you then how to rebuild your credit and get back on your financial feet.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.
Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

2 thoughts on “I Filed Bankruptcy. It Wasn’t as Bad as I Thought It Would Be. – Lynn”

  1. Hi Steve, boy you know how to ease the worry!!! Thanks for the feedback. I did watch your video, and I felt the pain you were going through and it scared me. I was worried and still am that the process part was well, easy. This next part scares me though. I have to reafirm my car and home loans and when I went through the pre budget worksheet, it shows a deficit in my monthly income. I asked the attorney if this was going to be a problem with the trustee, and he said no. He just asked what I planned on doing to correct it. I told him as soon as my health got better and this stress was behind me I was going to get a part time job. I also did a lot of gambling which helped to put me in this spot, and I told him I was getting help for that too. He was fine with all of it. I still can’t help but feel the trustee won’t be and I am scared, especially about the montly deficit. What do you think? Does it sound a bit strange to you that the attorney says its not a problem? If this whole thing goes well, I will never be in this spot again. I have learned the hard way. I will keep you posted, thanks for your support and hugs.

    • Lynn,

      Your attorney does not want to put forward cases that won’t be approved. That doesn’t make him look good. He would not push it forward if he wasn’t confident it would get approved.

      Just keep saying to yourself, “Nobody is judging me, this is just a process.”

      Focus on addressing the underlying gambling issues and then take what you learned from the experience and pay it forward by helping others in the same jam in the future, and trust me, there will be plenty.

      I would suggest you register in the forum and offer kind words and advice to others going through the same thing. You’ve already got experience to share.

      You will go a long way to help yourself by helping others.



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