Will I Be Allowed to Leave Dubai Even Though I Owe Money? – June

“Dear Steve,

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I’m working on an engineering consultancy as autocad draftsman, im already 2 years but til now, our company didn’t got any new projects for the whole years. I got another job in Saudi Riyadh and theyre still waiting for my report and ready to start anytime.so i planning to file resignation and going back to my home country in philippines to process my all documents going to Saudi. I have left balance debt to Standard Chartered of 19,000 aed and Emirates Bank of 9,000 aed but im a continuous and good payer without any delays at the present.

Is the Bank allowed me to leave Dubai and going to Saudi to work and continue to pay the balance debt through Al Ansari Exchange Branches in Saudi? Are they hold me in the Airport even im currently pay the credits / debts?


Dear June,

The bank would have no reason to block your ability to cross the border as long as your debts are paid in accordance with the terms you agreed to. So if your debt is not delinquent the bank would have no reason to open a police case against you.

Just make sure you keep paying at least the monthly minimum payment on those debts and you should be fine.

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