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Frederick J. Hanna & Associates is Trying to Collect an Old Capital One Debt From Me. – Ann

“Dear Steve,

I am in debt with Capital One credit card company. I’ve been unable to pay them for the past year. I just recived a letter from FREDERICK J. HANNA & ASSOCIATES, P.C. ATTORNEYS AT LAW.

It states I need to contact them to make arrangements to pay the unpaid balance. If I don’t notify the office within 30 days they will send me a Judgment. It also states at this time, no attorney with this firm has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account. However, if you fail to contact this office, our client may consider additional remedies to recover the balance due. The blance due is $857.02

Is Capital One Credit going to sue me of 857.02

Should I notify this law firm?

What should I do?


Dear Ann,

If you believe the debt is correct, then yes, you should contact the law firm and come to some agreement on how to pay the old debt.

If you don’t feel you owe this debt then send a letter to the law firm within 30 days of the letter and ask for a copy of the written agreement you signed and statements to show you owe the debt. Send this handwritten letter to them by some type of traceable method like certified mail return receipt requested, UPS, or FedEx.

Can you be sued over an $857 debt, why yes you can.

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  • Did you receive and respond to the letter as described above by other people? or did you ignore it and was served and later went to court?
    I don’t know if I should respond to the letter asking for validity of debt or if i should ignore and wait to go to court, if it happens.
    your advice is appreciated

  • i was sued by j hanna for a debt fom a paypal credit card. my debt was over $3000 and when i went to court i asked for the proof of debt from the collection agency. j hanna didn’t have the proof so the judge adjorned and a month later i went back to court – thinking j hanna would have proof of my debt, but istead they filled a dismissal without prejudice. i’m absolutely skeptical about these guys and would love to sue them for everything they’re worth. bu i’m not a lawer and i have no money for one. so i’m out of luck on trying to proove anything with j hanna.

    most importantly, if you get anything from j hanna ALWAYS defend yourself in court. they only want your money.

    • Did you receive and respond to the letter as described above by other people? or did you ignore it and was served and later went to court?
      I don’t know if I should respond to the letter asking for validity of debt or if i should ignore and wait to go to court, if it happens.
      your advice is appreciated

  • They filed a suit against me as Capital One verses me. I haven’t been served the papers yet but the way I found out about it is from advertisements I began to receive in the mail. They were attorneys wanting to represent me. I went to the court house to confirm the case number and it was valid. I did respond to them when I first got their letter back in November requesting them to prove I owed their “law firm” the money they said I owed and, to this date, they failed to send me the documents I requested. Also that last paragraph in their letter about no attorney has reviewed the particular circumstances…. yada yada yada …….. Then how is it that they pulled my credit report from Equifax on the exact same day their letter is dated. Whould you call that misleading?

  • Be careful not responding to them…my husband got the same letter…we ignored it and then we got a sheriff at our front door with a summons. We ended up settling with Hanna and Ass’s but then we got another letter on another credit card. We’ve sent a validity of debt letter to this in response to this letter.

  • So far, with that letter I have ignored them. I have yet to recive anything back from them. Im just hopping they wont send another letter.

  • I received the exact same letter, and it wasn’t even signed by anyone! After talking with them, I could never get them to say that they were representing the credit card company in question. They were not attorneys I was talking with, and they wanted to settle right then on a certain amount. How can I ensure that they are indeed representing this card company, and that at a later time this card company will not come back to me and try to enforce this debt that Hanna will have already collected if I settle with them for a reduced amount?

  • I have also received a notice from Frederick J. Hanna, but in pulling my credit report, they are not collecting the debt on behalf of Capital one, they accessed my credit report and realized I owed a debt and are now trying to collect it. I have found several post on line saying that these guys are not who they claim to be, and that there practices are skeptical at best. What do you suggest in a case like this Steve? I have read that I need to get them to show me proof that Capitol One is indeed there client.

    • Ann,

      It does not hurt to call Capital One and ask them. My bet is Capital One will say the case has already been assigned to Frederick J. Hanna & Associates and to work something out with them.


      • I respectfully disagree about “working something out” with Hanna. If a person was unable, due to a variety of reasons, to work something out with the original creditor, it is folly to deal with a collection agency. The best route is to educate oneself and let them sue. Let them PROVE everything, since the burden of proof is on their shoulders. Make them take the TIME from their lives, spend their money on court costs, etc. If you win at the end of the day due to their not being able to meet the proper legal standards, then they lose–a lot. If they should happen to win a judgment, it won’t be because you did not exhaust your rights under the legal system. And even if they win, they can still lose, because then they have to collect–no small feat–and there’s always Chapter 7, the ultimate dagger to their hearts.

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