Dave Burke and His Real Talk Network Were Supposed to Help Us But Sent Us to Collections. – Kelly

“Dear Steve,

I have read 2 articles by you about people trying to do business with this company and getting sent to collections.

This happened to us also. We were not contacted by RTN, just sent immediately to a collection agency. They refused my husband’s calls and the collection agency representative even told us that we shouldn’t do business with them.

This company is unethical and immoral. They just want to build their own wealth at the expense of others. You had mentioned in one the articles that the writer (Stan, I believe) file a suit in small claims court. Is it possible to to get other people in this situation together to file a class action suit?


Dear Kelly,

Can you tell me more about how you became involved with Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network?

How much do they say you owe them and did you pay them anything upfront?

What services were they supposed to give you?

Was it the collection company that told you not to do business with Dave Burke and the Real Talk Network?


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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13 thoughts on “Dave Burke and His Real Talk Network Were Supposed to Help Us But Sent Us to Collections. – Kelly”

  1. Hello all. I am in the same boat with RTN. I had collections(Conrad) come after me for filling out the sheet as well. I decided the program was not for me due to not enough assistance given to me. This was a while ago but I was wondering about how to file a class action suit and found this article of you all in the same situation. I paid the $1997.00 just to not ruin my credit.

    I recently got an e-mail from Tim Martin and I copied and pasted it below…I haven’t responded to it yet but it reminded me how angered I was and here I am writing on this website…I wonder if its another scam.



    I was the Vice President of Real Talk Network for some time, but left after the company stopped servicing the clients as intended. Real Talk Network is no longer in business. Therefore, the service that you already paid for is no longer available. Since I personally signed people up for the program, I feel I have a responsibility to follow up on your progress and to make sure you are getting what you paid for. If you are being helped elsewhere, then great! If not, let me know and my team will help you attain your financial goals. Our services are free to you; my team and I are dedicated to assisting families find a solution for their long term financial security. If you would like to contact us for further information or to set up financial coaching please reply to this email with a good time to reach you.

    Tim Martin
    CEO/Owner Cashflux Group
    [email protected]


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