Dave Burke and His Real Talk Network Were Supposed to Help Us But Sent Us to Collections. – Kelly

“Dear Steve,

I have read 2 articles by you about people trying to do business with this company and getting sent to collections.

This happened to us also. We were not contacted by RTN, just sent immediately to a collection agency. They refused my husband’s calls and the collection agency representative even told us that we shouldn’t do business with them.

This company is unethical and immoral. They just want to build their own wealth at the expense of others. You had mentioned in one the articles that the writer (Stan, I believe) file a suit in small claims court. Is it possible to to get other people in this situation together to file a class action suit?


Dear Kelly,

Can you tell me more about how you became involved with Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network?

How much do they say you owe them and did you pay them anything upfront?

What services were they supposed to give you?

Was it the collection company that told you not to do business with Dave Burke and the Real Talk Network?


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13 thoughts on “Dave Burke and His Real Talk Network Were Supposed to Help Us But Sent Us to Collections. – Kelly”

  1. Hello all. I am in the same boat with RTN. I had collections(Conrad) come after me for filling out the sheet as well. I decided the program was not for me due to not enough assistance given to me. This was a while ago but I was wondering about how to file a class action suit and found this article of you all in the same situation. I paid the $1997.00 just to not ruin my credit.

    I recently got an e-mail from Tim Martin and I copied and pasted it below…I haven’t responded to it yet but it reminded me how angered I was and here I am writing on this website…I wonder if its another scam.



    I was the Vice President of Real Talk Network for some time, but left after the company stopped servicing the clients as intended. Real Talk Network is no longer in business. Therefore, the service that you already paid for is no longer available. Since I personally signed people up for the program, I feel I have a responsibility to follow up on your progress and to make sure you are getting what you paid for. If you are being helped elsewhere, then great! If not, let me know and my team will help you attain your financial goals. Our services are free to you; my team and I are dedicated to assisting families find a solution for their long term financial security. If you would like to contact us for further information or to set up financial coaching please reply to this email with a good time to reach you.

    Tim Martin
    CEO/Owner Cashflux Group

  2. Tanya, sorry for the long wait on replying. The contract paperwork that Real Talk refers to is the information sheet that you filled out at the seminar. It isn’t really a written contract just an info sheet. I still have all the paperwork from real talk and the collection agency. I called the collection agency and negotiated with them for $540.00 to remove me from the collection file. If you need more info don’t hesitate to ask. Hope this will help you in getting satisfaction from this “free” seminar crap that is just a cover for exploiting real people in search of financial help.

    • Hi Jim!
      Thank you so much for your response. I would like to try negotiating with them as well. How did the conversation go between you and Conrad when they agreed to just $540?
      Also, if at all possible and if you happen to have that information sheet in electronic format, could you please email it to me at forumjob@hotmail.com or maybe fax – (815)572-0344.
      I would very much appreciate any info from you,


  3. Hello All,
    I am in the same situation with Real Talk Network. I signed the contract but never paid because I changed my mind. I never received any services from Real Talk either. They sent me to collections. I want to go to court regarding this but I threw away my contract that I signed with Real Talk before I found out about the collections. Does anyone have it and could share with me? I would really appreciate this. Also, did anyone try to fight Real Talk in court? How did that go?

  4. Dear, kelly. I too was sent to collection without any notice. I made several phone calls and sent letters to Real Talk and never heard anything back from them. I went to one of their “free’ sessions and filled out an info sheet. Little did I know that the info sheet was a “supposed” contract for their services. I received nothing from Real talk, no letter, no phone call, nothing. Then 6 months later I received the notice from the collection company stating I owed $1997.00 to them for non payment. I attempted for a month as stated above to get ahold of Real Talk with no luck. I worked with the collection company and ended up paying $540.00 to close out the debt. This program is a total rip off and should not be allowed to operate anymore. I hope you fair better than I. good luck.

    • I just got a letter from the collection agency after attending a “Free” seminar in may of 2009. Stating that I owe $1997.00 I filled out the application, but did not give them my credit card information. I am very upset about this and need all the help I can get because I don’t have $1997.00 to give RTN.


        • Hi steve,
          I heard about RTN on WMCA_NY radio station. I was interested to find out more about the program because it was “FREE” My friend and I went to the seminar, but when they started talking about money and credit card payment we decided we were leaving. On our way out the door one of the worker stopped us and was talking to us. I told him that I was not able to make a decision without my husband. He told me to fill out the application and give him a good time to call so he can dicuss the program with me and my husband. My friend and I filled out the application without putting in our credit card information. I got the call the same night, and I told him that we were not interested, and that was the end of it. To my suprise six months later I received a letter from a collection agency stating that I owe them $1997.00. I really did not remember about this, so I called the agency and they told me that it was for a seminar I attended and that I signed a contract. I explained to them that I did not signed a contract, and that I spoke to one of the representitive and told him that I was not interested. I filed a report with BBB and is waiting to see what the final outcome will be. The agency sent me a copy of the alledge contract, which does not state that it is a contract, it’s the form that a filled out. The funny thing about this is that my friend who also filled out the application did not get a letter from the collection agency. I can’t believe RTN has been getting away with scamming people like this. The collection agency should know that there is a problem with this company if they have to settle so many debt with comsumers.


      • Sophia, It seems that we went to the same type of “free” seminar. I too filled out the application without filling in the credit card info. All they had was my name and address but according to the collection agency this was a contract for the RTN service and I was agreeing to pay them for the service. No where on the application does it state that by signing you are entering into a binding contract for service. I ended up negotiating with the collection agency after receiving zero replies from RTN. I left several voice mails and sent them a letter requesting how this information sheet was in fact a contract for services. In order to keep the collection off my credit report I paid the fee necessary to get off the list of RTN “dead beats”. I still haven’t heard anything from the RTN. I did receive a letter from the collection agency stating that my account with RTN was paid and no other chargers would be pending. It cost me $540.00 dollars that I didn’t have to get them off my back. I hope you fair better.

        • Hi Jim, do you mind sharing the info on how
          you managed to negotiate with collections agency?
          I am in the exact same situation you were.
          What should I tell them when I call them?
          I threw away my contract that I signed with RTN
          so I don’t have anything to refer too.


  5. My husband heard about the “free” seminar on the radio. At the seminar, if we signed up right then, they would made a contract for monthly payments, instead of paying the whole amount up front, also stating that we could receive our money back if we changed our mind or they couldn’t help us.

    They are now trying to collect on the unpaid balance, which now that I am thinking about it is incorrect so I will have to verify that information.

    We had made some payments. It was for their debt elimination package, which we never received any services. The collection company representative told my husband that they are aware of their practices and wouldn’t recommend we do business with them.


    • Kelly,

      You know it’s a bad situation when the collection company tells you not to do business with Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network.

      From what you describe it sounds like a bait and switch situation where you were verbally promised one thing and then asked to sign a different agreement. You might want to contact a lawyer licensed in your state to represent you in this matter.



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