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Dave Burke and His Real Talk Network Were Supposed to Help Us But Sent Us to Collections. – Kelly


“Dear Steve,

I have read 2 articles by you about people trying to do business with this company and getting sent to collections.

This happened to us also. We were not contacted by RTN, just sent immediately to a collection agency. They refused my husband’s calls and the collection agency representative even told us that we shouldn’t do business with them.

This company is unethical and immoral. They just want to build their own wealth at the expense of others. You had mentioned in one the articles that the writer (Stan, I believe) file a suit in small claims court. Is it possible to to get other people in this situation together to file a class action suit?


Dear Kelly,

Can you tell me more about how you became involved with Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network?

How much do they say you owe them and did you pay them anything upfront?

What services were they supposed to give you?

Was it the collection company that told you not to do business with Dave Burke and the Real Talk Network?

Big Hug!
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