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My Mother Buried Three Kids on Credit. – Theresa

“Dear Steve,

My mother is being sued by Chase Bank. She’s 80 Jan. 2010, works full time 7.78hr-14 yrs. same employment dishwasher.

Raised 5 kids, buried 3 on her credit. Did get small ssa from dead dad 1894-1965 (so he didn’t pay much in) No public asssistance i.e. food stamps, welfare. Just worked & payed bills her entire life.

She does not understand all the new penalties, fees, etc. (so much more). She is getting deeper & deeper. 32 yr credit history, 10 yr average. Delinq. 1st time this year when the “new bill” was announced. Needs help, deserves help & cannot afford help. But makes too much to qualify. Now I find out because I responded to summons, I could be a criminal (praticing law w/o a license!? Just trying to help my mother! Any input very much appreciated:)



Dear Theresa,

Wow. Well let’s see what we can do to help your mother out of this mess. But first I have a few questions. Just respond by posting updates here in the comments section.

Does your mother have any cash or assets to her name?

How much debt does she have and who does she owe?

Is she paid under the table or does she get a paycheck?

Has she been using her credit to help make ends meet in the past few years?

Why did the court find she was exempt?

What state do you live in?

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