I Have a Mountain of Debt. I Am Being Garnished and Thinking of Suicide. – Stacy

“Dear Steve,

I am in desperate need of help immediately. I have mountain of debt and am being garnished. With the garnishments I can’t pay off the debts or file bankruptcy because I am only left with barely enough to live on.

Also, I have severe bipolar disorder. I got most of my debts when I “blacked out” in a manic state and spent and didn’t know until later that I went on a spree. I am on the right medications now after three failed suicide attempts.

However, I cannot afford to file bankruptcy and then make payments on a consolidated debt plan (I’ve been told that is the only bankruptcy I qualify for) or get any help when I have such heavy garnishments and I feel this is leading me to realizing that suicide is my only way because I cannot get help anywhere.

I know I am responsible for my debts and want to file bankruptcy, but if I had been on medications and not been mentally ill then these debts would never have been incurred. Is there any help for me? I would appreciate any advice it is very urgent.


Dear Stacy,

I’m so glad you contacted me for help. There is a solution here.

The only real way to stop the garnishment is with a bankruptcy. Before you make any assumptions about bankruptcy I implore you to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney you like. Make an appointment and go in and talk to them.

Many bankruptcy attorneys will create a payment plan you can afford. And before you make any assumptions about if you would be in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy with a payment plan based on what you can afford, talk to the attorney.

If a payment plan was required, remember that the bankruptcy would have stopped the garnishment so you’d have funds to work with.

I completely understand the bipolar issues which led to your problem debt. It is a problem faced by many. They wake up after a manic phase to find themselves buried under a pile of debt they can’t deal with. That reality sends them further into depression and as you know, the cycle can continue.

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I also understand how the desperation of the situation can make you want to do something as drastic as killing yourself, but don’t. There is a solution here, I’ll get you through this. There is absolutely no need to consider killing yourself. Trust me, with some action here the situation can get better, a whole lot better.

So your homework is to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk to them. Then I want you to report back and let me know the outcome of that meeting.

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1 thought on “I Have a Mountain of Debt. I Am Being Garnished and Thinking of Suicide. – Stacy”

  1. Stacy – Life is precious. Your life is precious. This is a fact. Not my opinion, not based on any religious belief.
    I visited NYC last weekend. We gave every homeless person we passed a couple dollars and wished them well. At night we also handed out earmuffs, a new approach for us (my 11 yr old and me.)
    I don’t know how old you are or much about you. But I know that you have the potential to get out of this situation and find happiness. Even if you feel you have nothing, I respectfully disagree, you have potential, more than you know or these thoughts wouldn’t cross your mind.
    Do what you need to do to get out of your current dilemma. I wish you well.
    .-= JoeTaxpayer´s last blog ..The Decade With No Name =-.


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