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DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. Review


DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc.
8665 Gibbs Drive
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92123


Description: This non-profit credit counseling organization states their purpose is to:

The Organization’s exempt purpose is to reduce the incidence of personal bankruptcy by educating the public about personal money management skills and by assisting low-income individuals and families with their financial problems through counseling, budget planning, and negotiating with their creditors to reduce interest rates and monthly payments. The organization receives fees from its clients and their creditors for handling and facilitating payments of these debts. Source

Debt Wave Management:

President: Antony Murigu
Vice President: Michael S. Butsko
Treasurer: John Casarietti
Secretary: Jason D. Cash
Director of Operations: Brian Blackburn
Controller: Michelle Blackburn
Counseling Director: Michael Marsden

Total Number of Employees: 33 Source


2006 990 return states organization had a relationship with Americorp. Source

Interesting Points

According to the organizations 2006 990 return the president, Antony Murigu gave DebtWave $412,819 on April 12, 2004 on a three year note at 9% for its “operating needs.” Source

The 2008 990 return shows that president Antony Murigu is the 100% owner of Triple Three, Inc. and DebtWave purchased computers, software and consulting services from his company. Source

Triple Three, Inc.
6161 El Cajon Vlvd
Suite 427
San Diego, CA 92115

“The organization’s president, Antony Murigu, and its treasurer, John Casarietti, have both been investors and officers in the same companies.

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