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I’m in the Allegro Law Debt Management Plan But I Can’t Get a Hold of Them. – Melissa

“Dear Steve,

I have an account with Allegro Law. I found out by accident that the company is not in business anymore, but my money is still being taken out of my account and being paid to my creditors. I have moved and need to give them my new address, but can’t get ahold of them.

How can I get in touch with them, and do I need to do anything else? I would appreciate your help. Thanks much.

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Dear Melissa,

It sounds like you are in the Allegro law debt management program which is still being run by Americorp in New York. They provide the worst customer service and you can’t safely be in a plan where you can’t even communicate with the people taking money from you.

You need to switch your account to another debt management company. I suggest you read this, Allegro Law Debt Management Clients. Important Information to Get Better Service.

The level of customer service you are getting now is completely unacceptable.

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