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Dinh Nguyen and the Ridiculous Core Pac Solutions Saga


I’ve written about the problems at the foreclosure rescue company Core Pac Solutions. About how it is alleged that the manager Cornell Wallace absconded with money from the company and was fired.

Core Pac isn’t a big foreclosure or mortgage loan modification company. In fact they were fairly tiny but it is a good example of a company that seems to have had only economic opportunity at its heart.

I’ve been told that Core Pac Solutions was owned by a disgraced and fired ex-cop from Santa Ana, California, Dinh Nguyen. And my calls to Core Pac went unreturned to confirm but the story is that the next reincarnation of Core Pac Solutions is going to be a medical marijuana dispensary in the same building.

The story of Core Pac Solutions would been a footnote or less but in checking around about Core Pac Solutions from leads I got from readers by email (click here) here is what I discovered.

When Dinh Nguyen was a police officer for the City of Santa Ana he was a mess.

Apparently he filed false Workers’ Compensation Claims with the City of Santa Ana. The claims were reviewed by Judge Nelson who said that there were a “plethora” of examples of Nguyen’s willingness to fabricate when there was financial gain to be obtained.

The apparent motive, it is said, for Nguyen to file claims of disability was the start-up of a very lucrative real estate and loan business after he signed a commission agreement with Pomecs Financial.

“You alleged you were unable to work modified duty at the front desk, but it appears you were doing similar office work as a loan officer for Pomecs, and based on the amount of income, it appeared you were engaged in full time work with Pomecs.” Source

During the time Nguyen was claiming compensation for Workers’ Comp he passed his annual Naval Reserve physical fitness test which included sit-ups, push-ups and a one and a half mile run.

The story goes on and on and involves the FBI, a criminal investigation, providing a false medical history to the Navy, forgery, providing false information on a residential loan application, and on and on.

The point of all this being that it serves as yet another example of someone who appears to have been nothing more that an opportunist only chasing the money rather serving either the residents of Santa Ana or the consumers that turned to Nguyen’s company, Core Pac Solutions, for professional help.

Core Pac will be but a blip, but the consumers that were harmed by unhappy Core Pac Solutions clients won’t soon forget about it for a long, long time.