The Crimes of Daniel Rosen (Credit Repair Cloud)

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For those who don’t feel like Daniel Rosen (Credit Repair Cloud) has done anything wrong and is just being bullied by the CFPB I wrote this for you.

Do you agree that consumers with debt and/or credit problems are vulnerable because they are often desperate to get out of their situation? Life is hard with debt and credit problems. Hopefully, you agreed that these consumers are vulnerable and subject to being taken advantage of.

Do you think it is good for society that people can read one book or join one Facebook group and two days later call themselves a “professional” or “expert” while taking significant amounts of money from these vulnerable consumers who don’t know any better? They are lying to and manipulating these poor people from the start. As a result of the deception, there are lots of consumers getting hurt. At best, the consumer is paying for a low-quality service from an amateur who misrepresented himself as an expert. At worst, the consumers are just straight up getting ripped off and/or potentially sued by their creditors.

Where does Daniel Rosen fit into this? Thanks for asking.

Daniel’s first crime is the lies start with him. You know, the lie that says buying his product enables you to call yourself an expert almost instantly. The lie that says his product can easily make you a millionaire in a year’s time. Plus, the many other similar lies he tells.

Daniel’s second crime is selling fools’ gold. He is intentionally preying on vulnerable consumers himself by targeting those who are sick of working at Burger King, have a criminal record, poor work ethic, are uneducated, etc. People like this are often desperate to get ahead and would give anything for a chance to have their own business, be their own boss, set their own hours, and make lots of money with very little actual work involved. He claims it only takes 5 minutes of work per month per client. How absurd is that? He is victimizing people who in turn often end up victimizing other people because they find out Daniel sold them some bullshit. So, in order to “make it” in their business, they start increasing the level of deception to land more clients and make more money. One way or the other they are determined to get a pocket full of money out of this! Hell, they started off by paying Daniel $1,000 for his pot of fools’ gold, so they at least better get that back.

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Daniel’s third crime is facilitating the selling of fools’ gold by others. Now our subject is hanging out in these Facebook groups and getting hustled by these so-called industry vets, mentors, business coaches, business credit experts, marketing experts, disputing experts, etc. Many of them are endorsed by Daniel himself or endorsed by those who Daniel endorses. Our fledgling is quickly learning the mainstream credit repair industry is almost nothing but lies and games. Everyone has their hustle, and everyone claims to be a millionaire.

Daniel’s fourth crime is operating a factory that produces countless people weekly just like those described in this entire post.

In summary, not only does Daniel start the lies he perpetuates the lies. He knows the lies are multiplying and rolling downhill until they land on innocent consumers and hurt them. Daniel doesn’t give a damn because caring would take big, big money out of his pockets. It’s a good thing we have regulators who actually care about the people while everyone else just cares about the money.

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Kyle Frasier is the President and Founder of Cut Up Debt. He is experienced in the debt relief industry.
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