I Went with Debt Rx But Now I’m Worried. – Laurence

“Dear Steve,

I was too far in credit card debt, so I filled out a form online, and was contacted by several debt relief agencies.

I unfortunately went with DebtRx!! I have read a lot of other’s questions on here, and now am worried! I tried to call them today, but only got an answering machine. Is this company legit? My payment all of a sudden has been 1/2 of the original amount also. I tried to get an answer today, but no response. I have been giving them payments since September 2008. Am I out that money now? Should I contact a lawyer and see about bankruptcy? I don’t care if my credit goes bad, as I am now retired and don’t want to charge anything anyway.


Dear Laurence,

Can you give me the website address of the Debt Rx you went with? There are several companies with similar names so I need to make sure the exact company you are talking about.


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  1. Steve,
    It was the one in Dallas, that has been on your site before. I was contacted by them today, and they said the reason the payment went to half, was because now I am supposed to be saving the other part, and when I get enough, they will negotiate with a c.c. company and pay it off. Then on to the next one! Meanwhile, I have had a judgement filed against me! I have contacted a bankruptcy lawyer through the help of your site, and will go that route now. I learned a hard lesson, now that they have gotten $1400 from me for their fee, and of course I will not see any of that back! My creditors were never contacted by them! They only make contact when you have enough for them to bargain with for a payoff!


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