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Can My Father’s Social Security Be Garnished for My Private Student Loan? – Michael


“Dear Steve,

I am a theater major have run out of any options on the private loans

I have a private student loan through AES and to make a long story short my loan is now in collections. My dad is 84 and cosigned my loan he is now in a nursing home. I am getting threatening collection letters, my question is can they try and take my dad’s social security on a private loan? I know they can for federal loans is a private loan different in regards to garnishing social security.


Dear Michael,

As far as I am aware, since it is a private loan, social security benefits can’t be garnished as it could with a government backed loan. That doesn’t mean they won’t try though and still sue him.

I would find an attorney licensed in your state and confirm it with them if you are unsure.

Big Hug!
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