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“Dear Steve,

I have a huge student loan and credit card debt I am trying to pay off. I will also be getting married next year to somone who has a gredit credit score. I’m working to get out of my credit card debt but my student loan will take 20 year s to pay off. I do not have a good credit score right now but I’m working on improving that. We eventually want to move into a bigger house in about 6 years, but I’m worried my credit and bad debt will affect my future husband’s good credit once we are married.

When I get married will my score and debt affect my spouse’s ability to get a home loan? Can he get approved without my credit score once we are married? Does my bad pre married debt affect his credit score?


Dear MRG,

Short answer, no. But the real issue is that we need to focus on making your credit score better. Here are some past articles on how to rebuild credit.

The only way your bad credit score impacts the home loan process is that your income can’t be counted in the mortgage process unless you are a co-applicant. If you don’t apply because your credit score is bad then it lowers the amount of the mortgage you may be eligible for.


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  1. Thanks Steve! It helps take away a lot of worry on my part. I am trying to rebuild my credit and I just started a “snowball” approach to clearing my debt this month. I have planned it out and I should be out of credit card debt by March 2011. I have a huge student loan that I could be paying on for 25 years but once I have paid off my other debt, the I can throw extra money at that monster and get out of it in half or more of the time.

    Thank you agian for your time and please know that your website is the reason I am on this road to recover. In the past it all seemed overwhelming, but with some of your articles and your advice I now have a plan to improve my score. I will keep you posted.

    Sincerely, MRG

    • MRG,

      Don’t be shy about coming back frequently and posting messages of support for others. By working together we can all move forward.

      Congratulations on taking the most difficult step to getting out of debt, the first one.



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