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Stopped Making Payments. In Debt Settlement With Option One Financial Group. – Charlie

“Dear Steve,

I have stopped making payments on my cards about 6 months ago due to fact I just did not have the money to keep up with payments…joined Option One Financial Group for help and signed up for a program with them whereas they would contact my creditors and negotiate a settlement with each one…was instructed to make a 325.00 monthy payment to them which would be the funding option for me to make payments to credtors.

Made a payment and ten was late on a payment…was late I on next payment to global and before I made it they turned me over to a collection agency for payment….the very people I went to for help on my problems turned me in!

What can I do based on my situation?


Dear Charlie,

Certainly a very confusing situation. Option One Financial Group is a for-profit debt settlement company with a disturbing, strange and convoluted history of associations with a number of other debt relief companies. You can read my review of Option One Financial Group here.

Global Client Solutions has always been a backend processor, collecting and disbursing payments as a vendor for the debt settlement company. Global would have no authority to turn you over for collections, that would have to be Option One Financial Group that would have had to do that.

What collection company did they turn you over to?

If you want this situation to end and get legal protection from collections you need to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney. With debt settlement you have no rights or protection under the law.

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