Thomas Lynch in Orange County Jail

Thomas Lynch is a name that has been floating around the debt relief industry for at least a decade.

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Things have been tumultuous for Lynch. See these past posts.

I was told that Thomas Joseph Lynch is the same person and has been sitting in an Orange County Jail since June 30, 2021.

Records say he is sitting in the Theo Lacy jail. It is described as “a maximum security jail complex situated on the banks of the Santa Ana River bed in the City of Orange. The facility covers approximately 11 acres of land between the Orangewood Children’s Home. With a maximum capacity of 3,442 inmates, the Theo Lacy Facility maintains the custody and welfare over a diverse inmate population ranging from those charged or sentenced for misdemeanor crimes to more serious felonies.” – Source

According to the documents I’ve received, Lynch pled not guilty to “Corporal injury on spouse or cohabitant” on June 8, 2021, from a violation on July 26, 2020.

Then on August 4, 2021, he pled not guilty to stalking with a restraining order, dissuading witnesses by force, attempts to prevent or dissuade any witness or victim from attending or giving testimony, criminal threats, violation of protective order, aggravated trespass, and more of the same.

It appears he has not had his trial yet on all the charges.

It seems like Lynch is dealing with many challenges in his life at this time.

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