Debt Settlement Company Agent Admits Being Instructed to Lie to Consumers

A debt settlement company agent who wishes to remain anonymous has confirmed some practices the company they worked for directed them to carry out.

“The script that we had there gave the minimal amount of disclosures, however; we were coached to minimize and expound upon the program as having a greater benefit to the credit score, underplay the legal action that the creditor’s would take against them and go so far as to lie to them when asked if they could be sued.

For example, if Mr. Client asked me what the likelihood of him being sued was, I would reply, “I have never had that happen to one of my clients”. I would then back it up with, “it could happen, but you are protected by a network of Legal Care Direct attorneys”.

To me, these were all deceptive practices that set the client up for failure because they truly have no clear vision of what is in store for them.You had the supervisor’s listening to your conversations coaching you on what to say in rebuttal.”

The agent also said it was common practice for company representatives to sign a faxed or electronic copy of the client contract after a supervisor gave the approval and then turned their back.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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