Trustee Loss Mitigation Headquarters Raises Concerns

A company named Trustee Loss Mitigation or Trustee Loss Mitigation Headquarters has hit my radar.

I always recommend that consumers research before jumping for any advertising mailer that arrives in the mailbox or inbox.

Anyone considering using such a company should read the following free guides.

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Others have said they have received mailers stating their home is about to be foreclosed on.

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The company appears to be Empire Legal Services, which also operates as Trustee Loss Mitigation or Haven Legal Services. At least that is what the State of Oregon said in this 2019 cease and desist notice.

The company claims to be located in California with strict laws regarding fees and services for mortgage modification help. However, the Federal Trade Commission also has rules regarding fees for mortgage modification help.

In the case of the Oregon complaint, the State took issue with Trustee Loss Mitigation and said they were never registered to provide debt relief help in the State. The State noted, “Under ORS 697.602(2)(c), “debt management service” includes an activity for which a person receives money or other valuable consideration or expects to receive money or valuable consideration in return for modifying or offering to modify terms and conditions of an existing loan from or obligation to a third party.” They went on to say, “By charging KN an initial “retainer fee” of $900, Respondent charged KN an initial fee in excess of $50, in violation of ORS 697.692(1)(a).”

Trustee Loss Mitigation was hit with $20,000 in civil penalties in that case. Of that $5,000 was for the mailer they sent to the consumer, “publishing or distributing, or causing to be published or distributed, the Solicitation, in which Respondent did not identify itself with a name registered with the Director and which included material misrepresentations regarding the nature of the services that Respondent would perform, in violation of ORS 697.662(12)(b) and ORS 697.662(12)(d)(A), respectively.”

This attorney in New Jersey provided this warning to residents of his state.

I’d love to know more about Trustee Loss Mitigation and if they are still operating. If you receive a mailer from them, send it to me via my I Buy Junk Mail program.

If you feel like the company scammed you, you can report that here. If you used the company and had a good experience or additional feedback, use this form.

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