How Can I Get My Money Back From Litigation Practice Group?


Dear Steve,

I contacted Litigation Practice Group after they had sent me a letter saying they could help with my debt, this was in Aug 2021.

Since then the only thing they have done is collect $252.51 each month.

And on Dec 8 2021 I canceled my contract right after I contacted my debtors and got a very satisfactory solution on my debt.

The Litigation Practice Group informed me they had talked to my creditors and were working on my solution. LIE!!!

I had just talked to the creditors not five minutes before and they had never heard or had any correspondence with them.

I informed Mr. Rodgers of this and informed him I also wanted my money which I had paid them, in the amount of $1010.04.

They had lied and did nothing to deserve any payment. I have made phone calls and sent E-mails to this. Then on Dec 16, 2021, they pulled $252.51 out of my account after their contract was canceled!!!

I had a Stop payment on this but the Stupid bank put the wrong account in. But the Litigation Practice Group had No business drawing this out of my account. So I will be making more phone calls to them and they won’t be very nice!!!

Can I get my money returned?



Dear Joann,

It does not sound like you feel you’ve had a wonderful consumer experience with Litigation Practice Group.

You should read How to Get Your Money Back From a Debt Relief Company if You Feel Like You’ve Been Scammed.

I’m a firm believer in giving any company a chance to do the right thing before going nuclear and filing complaints with the Attorney General.

Sometimes good companies make stupid mistakes and bad companies just offer poor service.

I understand how emotional this feels to you. You are pissed off and apparently angry. But, if you can follow my step-by-step guide you will address the issue in a way that will be easier for others to deal with if you have to escalate the issue.

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In a perfect world, Litigation Practice Group will issue you a full refund and this can be a good news story. That’s what I’m hoping for here.

So keep me posted by posting an update in the comments with your results.


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13 thoughts on “How Can I Get My Money Back From Litigation Practice Group?”

  1. I am having trouble with the ligiation.practice group out of California. I am from Pennsylvania gave them almost 10 thousand and tgey only validated 3 hospital bills after 3 years and some odd months .. credit score is still in the dumps ..but lastly and not least they never responded to a credit card I got a summons and have to be in court . Also got an email saying , I canceled my program . And they do not forward or give no documents back and that I have to contact all of my creditors. But, they could never give me proof that they even validated the hospital bills. If they have don’t you think they would have sent me the papers .. or called me? I need help abd I want a lawyer so I can sue them.

  2. Iam trying to get my money back but they are giving me the run around .Id thidnt think i had sign up i told him i would let him know after he told me what i was going to pay and they dont pay your crediters nothing the money is for them.the next day after i talked to someone they took 267.38 out of my account t he next day .when i called some lady said when it clear the bank she would pt it back in my account want my money back well now nobody knows anything i wont my money back now

  3. Interesting; But my question?
    How I find a pro-bono lawyer that really have intentions to assist me and recover my payments? I have been trying very hard, thought BBB claim reviews, and they allways to every person the same answer, yes..sorry we are working in your case; “we will refund your payments” I reopen the case and..0 nothing happens. I will appreciate that’s if you help me, don’t hesitate to e-mail me. Thanks

  4. They’ll give you a refund if you threaten a CA Bar Complaint against the owner, attorney Daniel Marsh. He had his license suspended about 10 years ago and definitely doesn’t want any more complaints. I know someone who got a sizable refund by telling them clearly that the Bar complaint would be filed if a refund wasn’t received.

    • It appears LPG has filed a number of federal suits against collection companies alleging the collectors contacted the consumer after being notified they were represented by an attorney.

  5. This is for joaan. I dealt with litigation practice group. I gave them 5 payments. I was not happy with their service. I cancelled my contract I got two payments back. You need to call the payment dept and ask for Brenda.

  6. Steve, as a consumer attorney I do a lot of debt work. I cannot tell you the number of people who I speak with who have had a bad experience with Litigation Practice Group, and been unable to obtain refunds. Your advice to the OP is kind and gentle (I expect no less from you), but perhaps misplaced in this case. I think a stronger approach may be in order with this particular entity.

    • It would be awesome if the consumer lived in your license area and you can help her out. Thanks for the compliment on kindness. I try to always make the first contact reasonable and levelheaded before lighting the fuse. LOL.

      It is always ironic when a company says you are trying to steer consumers away from us and my response is always, just give them a refund and resolve the problem and that will attract more consumers to you. But what do I know?


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