Older Folks Threatened With Fake Lawsuits to Scare Money Out of Them

One of the most common scams out there is the lawsuit threat scam.

A person calls who identifies themselves as a debt collector. Then, they aggressively threaten a lawsuit for a supposed debt. While anyone could be a victim of this scam, these scammers prey particularly on seniors.

Here is a video where I spoke with an 81-year-old widow who called us worried about being sued.

I explain how these scammers can get your phone number. Scammers will share phone numbers with other scammers if they suspect someone is susceptible of being scammed. I explained some easy ways to identify a scammer, and we discussed things that the scammer told her that immediately identify them as a scammer. Finally, we discuss what to do if the scammer calls again.

Eric Olsen, Executive Director HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm. HELPS assists seniors with debt.We protect seniors from unwanted debt collector contact. We also educate seniors about their financial rights, including how their Social Security and other retirement income are protected from collectors and available for their needs. We help many seniors who bank with a credit union, so we have seen firsthand the difficulties seniors face when their credit unions don’t follow the law. Learn more about HELPS at www.helpsishere.org or call HELPS toll-free at 855-435-7787.

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