Should I Just Agree to a Partial Refund for Debt Help?


Dear Steve,

I entered a debt consolidation program with a popular company

I read the reviews on the Better Business Bureau website about this company obviously too late they’ve taken over $10,000 from me.

They have returned approximately $3,000.

Is there any recourse for this type of action? They have seem to covered all of the legal areas to cover their butt.

Even going after people who complained. Thanks for any info or help. I was just going to sign off today and get a refund of $3,000 for approximately $11,000 I paid in


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Dear Eric,

There are things you may elect to pursue. I wrote this guide to help people who feel they got a raw deal from any debt help company.

Finding a mutually agreeable resolution is always tough. You probably struck a balance when both sides feel the resolution is unfair.

The question you alone can answer is how much you are willing to deal with to try and get the rest of the money back before signing anything.

If you feel the offer is not fair, use my guide to try and make your case.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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