Former Employee Gives Us a Look Inside a Debt Relief Enterprise

I get many emails from people inside companies that have information to share. Few of them make the website, but I thought maybe I should start sharing them but that the company names out.

So here is a new one.

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Insider Says

I just came across this while doing some research and saw another guest submission I thought I could help out with. For my own security, as a previous employee, I’d rather my name not be brought up anywhere publicly about this regarding the questions around [XXX].

The reason for multiple addresses is that there is a network of people. Every time one of them gets promoted to management, they get their own office location, which becomes the manager’s own company with a separate name. So every person who works at that office works for that company, not [XXX] or their partner company [XXXX].

The sales staff are friendly, and they go through training where they memorize their script and are taught how to use the apps where they show you the information. The way they obtain your data is through the same sources that credit card companies use, so if you have over 10k in debt, they solicit to you via mail, then an unexpected

The options and fees: the company does offer loans but most go with an interest-free option that cuts their monthly payments on all accounts in half, and the cost for this service is already taken out of that. For example, maybe you’re on track to pay $800 a month for the next 20 years. They can negotiate this down to $400 a month for three years. They get a percentage of the debt size settled as the accounts clear, depending on their level. The customer never pays extra for the service, though.

That being said, I was very shocked to find out they are not BBB accredited due to the fact that they misleadingly preach “we maintain an A-plus rating with the BBB,” and even worse, they have the BBB logo on the flyers they pass out to clients and point this out to them. So they are misrepresenting, but they are also actively lying about it, and I don’t think the sales staff actually know they’re lying.

My last little tidbit is that ethics, aside from the overall marketing company, I think this could genuinely help people. Unfortunately, however, I have to file a complaint about lost wages as an employee because my manager said that since I quit before a pay period ended, I don’t get the commission I earned. Still, because I was supposed to earn a commission, I don’t get an hourly wage for it either.

I hope this can help those who have questions, but I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed actually to talk about this.

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