I’m Another Victim of the CCDN Scam and It’s Left Us In Trouble. – Kimberly

“Hi Steve,

Chris referred me to you and your website. We were both victims of a “scam” by CCDN. I had just asked him how he was handling his current debt situation and he said maybe you may have some ideas for our doom & gloom. It’s excellent to hear that things are looking up for him.

Anyway, I read your ebook, regarding debt and pulling yourself out. All good solid advise, and an obvious direction we would all like to go in. If possible. I have been working with the budget information to gather a more realistic perspective of our most recent dilema.

Here’s my current situation. Any insight you may have… I would be extremely grateful.

First off, we started this nightmare in 2006. Due to our involvement with CCDN, we had obtained 3 judgments. We live in Michigan; not a consumer friendly State. At this time we have everything against us and little going for us. We have managed to pay off two of the judgments. I still have the one remaining, along with other debt. I had contacted the attorney after the judgment (Discover) was issued and they would do nothing other than accept a large sum to prevent the garnishment process, followed by a large monthly payment which we could not afford. I did not make a commitment, since I knew it was beyond our means. I think you know where it went from there. So far they have been unable to obtain wage garnishment? They have however garnished our tax return & a small bank account which I was happy to give up since it’s all I had to offer. And possibly placed a lein on our property. The statistics in this state should be inclusive of the forced bankruptcy’s due to situations much like mine. The courts were a debt collectors heaven, very sad.

The worse begins here. I was recently laid off. My husband’s pay was cut this year by 10%. Around April of this year I managed to get a part time seasonal job which they asked me to stay on. Thank God for that. I am a survivor, and will do whatever I can to make ends meet. I am not opposed to working 3 jobs if need be, however, the probability of finding them in Michigan in this economy will be rough. Not to mention, what is available, pays very little. I remain hopeful.

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Your ebook mentioned selling your house. Oh, would we love to do that! but, the market has taken a huge hit and that’s not the light at the end of this tunnel. We wouldn’t even break even. Additional employment, which I’m available and willing, but it may take sometime to find in this market. My current position at home depot is in shipping/receiving, it’s physical, 5 days a week and I am 49 year old woman. I like to think of it as I’m getting paid to go to the gym. Under no circumstance am I too proud to work for food 😉 Within the law that is. If it pays more than unemployment (which I haven’t received yet), then it’s a definate consideration.

Sorry for babbling. Our cc debt is about 20,000. (including the ugly judgment) I consider our dire situation as temporary. Seems bizzare to me to go through a bankruptcy, believing that chapter 7 is not an option for us. In Chapter 13, it appears that we would still be going through the very same thing that we are at this time, with the exception that we would have protection from the courts on possible wage garnishment and maybe a longer period of time to repair our credit? I’d prefer to struggle to make ends meet (as we have been), until at least I believe I have exhausted all possible avenues. My major issue is the judgment. It has been filed for over 2 years now. Have you had any experience in the past where people have been able to work something out with a creditor in this situation? Or should we just file & toss in the towel?

Thanking you in advance,


Dear Kimberly,

My concern is that your aversion to bankruptcy and the legal protections it offers has robbed you of both time and money, especially the money spent with CCDN.

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I think I am safe in assuming that your goal is to resolve the debt in some way and that’s why you probably headed to CCDN to begin with.

I’d like for you to consider that your credit is already in the toilet with the defaults and judgments. In fact you are among the group of people that actually see an increase in their credit score with bankruptcy. Also think about how much worry, time, stress, and erosion this has brought to your life.

I wish I had some way to turn back the hands of time to 2006. Let’s just imagine I could for a moment. Picture this, instead of taking that ugly turn and winding up in the CCDN scam you had filed bankruptcy. The bankruptcy would have been over by now, your credit would be well on the way to being rebuilt, the judgments would have been avoided and your life would involve not stress or worry over the lingering debt.

You owe it to yourself to find a local bankruptcy attorney and go talk to them. In fact you can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney you might like. Do this, make a free appointment and go talk to them. Don’t go with the intention of filing, go with the intention of learning. With that knowledge, go home, ponder it over and make a wise and informed decision.

Kimberly, I think you have a lot going for you. You’ve got a good attitude and work ethic, you are willing to embrace a solution to this and hopefully you are willing to take definitive action to close the door on this debt and for the first time in four years, move on.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

2 thoughts on “I’m Another Victim of the CCDN Scam and It’s Left Us In Trouble. – Kimberly”

  1. WOW….Thank you for the enlightenment. In 2006 we hadn’t even pondered the thought of bankruptcy? I have no idea why? Other than it’s perceived by the public as the end of the road. Your absolutely correct…..just think where life should be now. Instead of investing $4,500 into CCDN.

    Anyway, our update…….we did speak to an attorney. AMAZINGLY and nearly impossible in my county! There’s a high probability that we can file under Chapter 7…that’s how bad it’s gotten regarding our income.
    Our debt, after struggling to pay off two of the judgments is less than 25,000. I am still having a hard time shaking the fact that on a “good day”, it should be reasonable to pay off. Unfortunately I should be thinking differently?
    I have been pondering the thought of negotiating, which at this point would involve tapping into our 401K. After reading your response I now realize that perhaps tapping into our future to “maybe” eliminate the past, makes no sense?

    • Kim,

      If you tap your 401(k) I will personally find you and kick your ass, in a loving way of course. 🙂

      You know, there is nothing that prevents you from repaying your debts after bankruptcy if you want to for personal reasons. The advantage of bankruptcy is that it gives you legal protections from creditors.

      There is no sense wasting a perfectly good mistake. Take what you’ve learned from all of this and apply it in the future, and who knows, maybe you’ll have a chance to help someone else travel the same road you did.

      Big hug.

      I’m here for you.



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