How Do I Get Gold’s Gym Off My Credit Report? – David

“Dear Steve,

I was a member of Gold’s Gym in Sandy, UT for a year when I got a call saying I “won” a membership. So I went in and talked to a guy named Mike(never got his last name) who was a trainer, he asked if I have a membership already and I said yes.

He then said I was not able to receive the free membership but asked if there was anyone else I knew that would like it. I asked if there was anyway I could get my fiance’ on my membership without signing a new contract, he said yes and then told me it would be better to upgrade to a VIP membship since it was only 40 dollars a month. I asked if that was in addition to my 30 I was paying for just me, and he said “No, since you’ll both be on same membership it will just increase to 40 dollars”. I said ok and he said I needed to pay the 50 dollar enrollment fee again just to get her name on my membership. I said ok and he took my credit card and went in the back to process it so I thought. Well a month went by and my fiance’ was getting pretty pregant, she was 7 months at the time and could no longer get into the gym. I then noticed I was only being billed for 30 dollars, I called up Gold’s and they told me to call Paramount Acceptance, their billing company. I called Paramount and they told me that I had TWO contracts, one normal contract which I was paying month to month, and one DELINQUENT account for a Tiffany Bruno (My finance’ was Tiffany Baca at the time” with my name signed on the contract. I said there is no way and told them what Mike told me. They said that is not true, that I needed to sign a NEW contract, which they have with my signature and that the contract is non-cancelable. I told them I’m not going to pay this fake contract and that I was lied to, they said that’s fine it’ll just go to collections. It’s now been 2 years since and I owe them $1988.24 for a fraudlent contract.

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Is there anyway I can contact an lawyer or attorney to get that debt off my credit report since it’s been so long and since I never got the trainer’s last name?

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Dear David,

I’m surprised it is actually on your credit report. Credit bureaus knew they could not trust these gym membership deals so they stopped including them years ago on credit reports. If this is being reported on your consolidated credit report it is news to me.

Seems like a simple matter to address. First, get a copy of your consolidated credit report. If the erroneous Gold’s Gym membership is showing up on your report then use the information that comes in the consolidated credit report to dispute it with the individual credit bureaus. That should get it removed.

But to end this matter with the collection agency you may need to hire a local attorney to contact the collection company and correct this issue with them. Having it removed from your credit report does not stop them from trying to collect it.

Doing both of these things should resolve the problem.

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