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PO Box 271961
Fort Collins, CO 80527

This is the official address they list on their website.

888-386-7703 – Fax

There is no business named Freedom Financial Law or Christian Debt Law registered to do business in Colorado.

1621 Hotel Circle South.
San Diego, CA 92108

This address is also associated with them. It’s a condo.

Freedom Financial Law
P.O. BOX 420907
San Diego, California 92142

There is no business named Freedom Financial Law or Christian Debt Law registered to do business in California.



Christian debt consolidation, better known as debt negotiation or debt settlement, can save you from bankruptcy. Our Christian debt settlement services are designed to eliminate your debt (all fees included!) for about 65% of what you owe, sometimes even less. (eg. credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, etc.) Follow-up credit counseling will help quickly rebuild your credit profile, financial strength, and your future.

I think I want to puke after reading that.


Dominic J DeSandro, Esq. – Owner – [email protected], [email protected]

The Colorado Bar Association does not show a registered lawyer with the last name of DeSandro.

The California Bar Association does not show a registered lawyer with the last name of DeSandro.

Kansas says he was licensed under the name Dominic DiSandro, a different spelling. His license in Kansas is suspended for failure to take CLE credit classes.


Lisa Bell – Director of Operations / Client Counseling – [email protected]
Larry McGrew – Director of Enrollment – [email protected]

On 12-16-2010 Larry asked me to remove his name. He says he is no longer affiliated with this company.


Dominic DeSandro
Kangen Health Financing
11003 Camino Playa Carmel
San Diego, CA 92124

Interesting Points

Here is a copy of what is labeled a 2006 debt settlement agreement from Freedom Financial Law.

According to the Christian Legal Sociaety Dominic DeSandro is a non-attorney in California. – Source

It certainly appears that Dominic DeSandro is holding himself out as an attorney for debt settlement. See ad below.

Dominic DeSandro Attorney

From all that I can see Freedom Financial Law and Christian Debt Law holds itself out as doing business in either California, Colorado, both or neither. Frankly, I don’t trust a thing they say and they can say they are as Christian as they want but if Jesus was running a debt settlement company I seriously doubt this is how he’d do it or how he would hide the truth in advertising it.

Marketing Material From Freedom Financial Law


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1. DO NOTHING: Struggling to make minimum payments will cost over 300% of your principal of $20,000 over 10+ years ($60,000), or “sink slowly in the quicksand” with never-ending interest, late fees, over-limit fees, collection fees, lawsuits, judgments, executions and liens that must be paid before a home is bought or sold.

2. BANKRUPTCY (Chapter 7) Legal fees, forfeit property, depressing, court hearing, NO CREDIT, “Life sentence” of higher interest rates, affect on employment.
BANKRUPTCY (Chapter 13) Same as Chapter 7, plus you pay what the court orders over 5 years and your case may be dismissed if you miss a payment!

3. CCCS (Consumer Credit Counseling Service)
(or any of the thousands of non-profit “debt consolidators”)
Pay 100% of principal ($20,000), Interest (10% avg), fees $25 per/mo.
$ 460.00 monthly payment (usually 2.3%of total amount owed)
___ 60_ months to plan completion (5 yrs.)
$ 27,600 total paid (debt X 140%)
ALSO: credit score effected for 5 years; late fees can still occur; dropped from program (no emergency flexibility) for missing a payment with all interest added back

4. COUNSELING & NEGOTIATION (Dominic DeSandro d/b/a FFL)
$ 400 monthly “program deposit” (2% of total owed)
___ 33 months to plan completion (33 months)
$ 13,200 total paid (debt X 66%), possibly less!


  • Immediate increase in available spending money
  • Collection calls handled by negotiation agent
  • Program designed to avoid litigation and/or judgments
  • Have “emergency flexibility” of payments during program
  • After settlement, negative entries on credit report (like lates, charge-offs, etc) are replaced with “Paid-Settled” entry on report

AFTER PROGRAM you will have established savings habits and …

  • Freed up income to save for emergencies and purchases,
  • Have “Credit-worthiness” (ability to repay) and prime rates too
  • Have a higher FICO (credit score) than you started with

“Trying to hang on is not possible, BANKRUPTCY is not desirable, and a “non-profit” program may not even be do-able or will cost over twice as much. The “pro-active” choice is to pay 2% per mo. for 33 mos. ($13,200), get debt free, and use our credit restoration services and budget advice to further build financial strength.


This program uses NO “NEW” MONEY. We efficiently use the money you have been trying to pay debt with. We eliminate your debt for 66% (or less) of the amount you owe, in three years or less, & improve your credit in the process.

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Due to hardship, you have had to choose to not make payments on time, and are not able, in the future, to pay the creditors as agreed. Neither you or the creditor want you to go bankrupt, but the creditor wants to recover something.

Alternatively, you choose to not pay anybody, but choose to negotiate a lump-sum settlement with everybody. All the income you had been using for “debt service” you choose to accumulate monthly in a “settlement account”.

We consult with you about your hardship, review your debt, establish a monthly budget, and determine what you can commit to your debt program. We establish a monthly “settlement deposit” (target of 2% of principal owed).

Each month you put a “settlement deposit” into a separate trust account (“settlement account”). Your consultation and retainer fees (for starting representation) are paid from a portion of your “settlement deposits”.

“Freedom Financial Law” (FFL) is your new financial agent, and letters of representation are sent to each creditor when they start calling, to get them to call us. You must cease using all non-business credit cards. A low-limit business credit card, paid off monthly and carrying no balance, may be OK.

FFL plans a negotiation strategy of which creditors to call first, and when. FFL stays aware of your settlement deposits. When enough money has accumulated, negotiations begin. If you are able, additional monies can be deposited (at any time) into your settlement account to accelerate the program.

When a good written offer from the creditor is negotiated AND approved by you, FFL pays the creditor the lump-sum settlement from your trust account. You pay FFL a “negotiation fee”: 15% of the savings from negotiations. Example: A $1000 debt is settled for $400 = $600 savings(x15%)= $90 neg fee Total cost to settle account: $400+$90= $490 (Account settled for 49%).

As money accumulates, accounts are negotiated over 36 months (or less). The creditor is satisfied. Your credit report shows all your accounts as “ZERO BALANCE – PAID SETTLED”, and you have achieved financial liberty !



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Freedom Financial Law - Christian Debt Law
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  • California.virtualYP Gives this info:
    Dominic DeSandro
    4387 Vivaracho Ct
    San Diego , California 92124

    Associated address I posted before:
    5658 Antigua Blvd San Diego, CA 92124-1306

  • July 22, 2013. I spoke with the FCC and they told me they issued a Cease and Desist order against Freedom Financial and that this motion was finalized. They do not have criminal jurisdiction so they can’t file criminal charges.

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