We Went Into Program With DebtWave and Ended Up With Johnson Law. – Gary

“Dear Steve,

My wife went into a program with DebtWave that was turned over to Johnson Law, but the legal papers keep coming. My income is has diminished as I have taken a very low paying job to survive.
If she cannot continue these very large payments, as my low paying job will soon end, and has to declare bankruptcy, will they go after our home? Her debts are not joint, in her name only. We live in California if it matters. My credit rating is still good.


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Dear Gary,

It sounds like what DebtWave did was to sell you into a debt settlement program with Johnson Law, either out of Nevada or Florida.

Being in a debt settlement program does not a thing to prevent you from being sued, and losing the suit. Bottom line, you are sending money to either DebtWave or Johnson Law instead of your creditors probably.

I would seriously encourage you to consider not making one more payment to either DebtWave or Johnson Law and instead click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney. The bankruptcy page actually lists a couple of California bankruptcy attorneys you might want to contact.

The reason I suggest not wasting one more penny on the current solution is that without an expectation you will have future income there is no chance of you being able to settle debts at all.

Besides, the bankruptcy would terminate the lawsuit and discharge your debt. You can protect your home with bankruptcy and if the debt is in her name alone only she would need to go bankrupt.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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