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I’m Divorced and Don’t Know if I Qualify for Bankruptcy. – Betty

“Dear Steve,

I was sent a summons from Capitol One. Suing me for a $1000 cc balance. Divorced in 2007, custody of 3 young children. I am on a limited income of spousal support, child support, and a small amount of disability benefits. I paid on cc’s awhile until I couldn’t anymore. ex husband was supposed to pay half and never did. I have other debts I am being harassed over too. Totaling about 12 – 14,000. The problem is when I have made payments I could afford it didn’t even touch the principle. Their late fees and interest sucked it up. I gave up on it when I had to choose between paying the cc or utilities.

This is hard for me, I don’t know what to do or where to turn. I have thought about bankruptcy, but not sure I qualify. I am not sure of anything, I am so depressed.

Should I file bankruptcy? How do I go about it?


Dear Betty,

The first place to turn for help is for you to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney you like, make an appointment, and go in to talk to them for free.

Until you seek out specific information about what bankruptcy would mean for you in your situation, you won’t know.

Everyone qualifies for bankruptcy. The decision point is if you could file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy attorney is the one to specifically tell you which is more likely for you.

Bankruptcy after divorce is very common and seeking protection under bankruptcy will stop the lawsuits and collection calls. You’ll finally get a chance to start your life over.

If you need some help to get going, I’m telling you to right now, find a local bankruptcy attorney you like and report back on how that appointment goes.

Once you address the debt you will find that your feeling of depression will lessen and eventually subside. If you don’t feel any relief, go talk to your doctor about treatment for depression. There is a big bright world out there, I just need for you to see it.

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