CFPB Employees Being Used as Tasty Scam Bait to Steal Money From Consumers

This week the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau confirmed that scammers are using the CFPB’s employee names and imagery to try and steal your money.

They’ve heard from people, specifically older adults, who have defrauded thousands of dollars from scammers pretending to be with the CFPB.

If someone contacts you and says you’ve won a class-action lawsuit in a foreign country or can receive other large, unexpected amounts of money but must use the CFPB’s assistance to claim the funds, they are lying.

The CFPB will NEVER call you to confirm that you have won a lottery, sweepstakes, class-action lawsuit, or about any other fees or taxes.

If someone does call and claims to be the CFPB, hang up as fast as you can.

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