Have I Been the Victim of a Fake Payday Loan Debt Collection Scam?


Dear Steve,

Speedy Cash This Year sent me some lawsuits and Last year, ACS Sent me some things

I think these are the same 2 scams your talking about.



Dear Patrick,

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Thank you for sending me an image of one of the notices you received. It is clearly bullshit.

I looked at the first page of the email and made a few observations that set off scam alarms.

Have I Been the Victim of a Fake Payday Loan Debt Collection Scam?

Let’s start from the top.

  1. Subject word not capitalized, and it’s the first word. An indication of sloppiness and typically something a law firm or professional collections company would not do.
  2. The email was sent to a list; you were blind carbon copied (BCC) on it. Typically this is done when one email is sent to a large group of people without identifying the recipients. That’s just laughable. Everyone got the same case number?
  3. Transferred to ACE? Who the fuck is ACE. The email claims the debt is owed to ACS, not ACE.
  4. They checked your SSN through their National Checking Database System. A collection company does not have a database of all checking accounts.
  5. Grammar issue.
  6. “Freeze down this case.” What the hell does that mean? LOL.
  7. Wrong word. It is a debt, not a credit.
  8. “Once the case has been downloaded,” more WTF moments.

Thank you for sending this to me, and keep me posted if you get more of these scam emails.

You might not get enough emotional satisfaction by just deleting this email, so please feel free to print it out, crumple it up, and set the paper on fire.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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