I’m 78 and Living in Alaska and Trying to Survive on Social Security


My wife and I are US citizens, 78 yrs old, on social security in Alaska, and owe $15,000 USD on a VISA card. We have no other debts and no assets in our name. The cost of living is now overwhelming. I want to remove this debt

Can I copyright my name and use your letters in the US? How long do I need to put the copyright letter in the local paper? Can I use your forum instead? If I post the letter in the local paper, can I post a picture of each page vs. a printed document?




You mention you have no other debts or assets and that the $15,000 is on just 1 Visa card. I have just a few questions:

Have you struggled with the account long?

Are you past due or in arrears?

Have you discussed this with the credit card company?

When did you last use the credit card?

Which letter are you looking to send to the credit card company? Are you asking them to cease contact with you, disputing the debt, or something else, like forgiving it?

When you ask about copywriting your name and how long to post the copyright, these are more questions related to copywriting. You may need professional advice on this or possibly legal advice. How and what you are required to post is also more of a copyright question.

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Usually, copywriting a name is done when it has a business or commercial value. Again a legal question.

I understand the cost of living increasing as it struggles with credit cards and debts. Priority bills are always first, rent, insurance, food, utilities, medical, etc.

You can request the credit card be written off, or forgiven. As to if the credit card company will do this, I cannot say. But if you have no surplus income after your living expenses to pay towards the account, the card company may try to sue you, but if you have nothing, they cannot get anything.

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[ED: It sounds like you are thinking of the Sovereign citizen approach to dealing with debt by copywriting your name. That’s a non-starter. Since you are living on benefits and have few assets, contact the nonprofit law firm HELPS for free or low-cost assistance with the credit card account.]



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