Minnesotta Attorney General Misses Key Point in Suit Against Firms

Yesterday Debt Rx USA, FH Financail Services, Morgan Drexen, Pathway Financial Management, and State Capital Financial were all sued by Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson for services they had delivered. MPR had the following story about the event.

Swanson seems surprised that debt settlement companies do not deliver on the services they promise.

“They’re very slick at what they do,” she said. “When they’re trying to get you to sign up, they have the glitzy Web sites and marketing materials they tell you they can take care of your financial trouble, hire us and we’ll make your debt go away and we’ll work with you. Once you pay them the money though, they often times disappear, they stop returning phone calls.”

What she failed to understand is that many debt settlement companies intentionally and purposefully deliver bad customer service in hopes that consumers will become frustrated and drop out having only paid fees for a service they will never avail themselves of.

California-based Morgan Drexen denies the charges and says the Attorney General is acting irresponsibly. – Source. Good one, this comes from the same company that said debt settlement would increase your credit score, and that wasn’t irresponsible?

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