The Judgment Against Me Has Almost Doubled And I’m Tired of Running. – Lucy

“Dear Steve,

I have a judgement that is 11 years old in the state of VA.The original debt was about 13000 but is currently at 25,000. I want to make a offer not to file bankruptcy if the creditor will accept $3300 in exchange for a certificate of satisfaction for the judgement. But I am afraid the creditor will acept the money and not give me the certificate of satisfaction for the court. I do not own any real property and my only asset is a 2002 Volkswagen.I can’t offer them a payment plan because the amount that I could afford to pay after rent/car/food would not touch the principal. I would use my tax refund to make the offer. The creditor has not yet been able to locate my employer or where I bank. They do know where I live and have attempted to garnish my former employers and banks. I have managed to stay ahead of them so far but I am tired of running.

Since the creditor already has a judgement, even though they have not been able to collect anything on it, is their any reason for them to negotiate with me and accept the offer and issue me a certificate of satisfaction so I have can have this settled for once or all or should I continue to try living under the radar?


Dear Lucy,

You could always try to settle but I see know reason they would not go for at least $12,000. The debt you owe them was once $13,000 but it is now legally $25,000.

I’m a bit perplexed. Why didn’t you go bankrupt 11 years ago and close the door on this debt way back then so you would not have to run and hide for more than a decade?


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